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March 15th, 2011 (09:33 am)

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 ...I hate LiveJournal so much right now. I thought I had much more time left with Part III. 

As always, sorry about your f-list. May everyone you know post like crazy so as to drown this nonsense quickly.

Now, linkage:
Main story
Directory pages -- I (1155-1161), II (1162-1167), III (1168-1171)
Character profiles


SPOILER WARNING: If you wish to read from the beginning and do not want to risk encountering any spoilers, this may not be the safest page for you.


27 Posts

From "In Which Ietrin Is Put on the Spot" (March 3, 1172)

"In Which Florian Sees the Ironic Smile": January 9, 1172. Florian and Aldhein take Falidor, on the eve of his wedding, to Seoth's inn. It comes to light that all of the people in the room except for Florian have slept with Ailede at some point or another; Falidor, in his happiness, doesn't seem to care.

"In Which Falidor Has Some Unexpected Guests": January 30, 1172. Falidor and Raia, having welcome their daughter Alina to the world the night before, receive a visit from Tavrin.

"In Which Cord Aims for Punctuality": February 6, 1172. Cord is home alone tending the fire when he suddenly remembers that he made plans with Asalaye. He rushes out the door, forgetting to put out the fire.

"In Which Tarien Does Not Mishear": February 6, 1172. Tarien receives a late visit from Arydath, who tells him that her house has burned down. He offers her and her family lodgings until a new house has been been built for them.

"In Which Lorn Learns the Time to Sleep": February 21, 1172. Lorn, on a yearly tour of Dovia, spends the night at Searle's castle in Bandera. He notes Searle's failing health, as does Searle's wife Ren--and, seemingly, their young son Karlspan. Searle asks about Leara's pregnancy, prompting Lorn to inquire as to the nature of fatherhood. Searle tries to dispel Lorn's doubts, then advises him to tell his family he loves them as often as he can--just in case.

"In Which Searle's Brain is Broken": March 2, 1172. Searle catches Ietrin with Ellona.

"In Which Ietrin Is Put on the Spot": March 3, 1172. Ietrin gets a talking-to from Octavius about his affair with Ellona. Ietrin admits that he's falling in love and Octavius says that he can't begrudge him a love affair based on his own experience, but he gives him several conditions, the most important of which being that if Jeda finds out and objects, Ietrin stops. Not wanting to cause trouble, Ietrin agrees to this.

"In Which Viridis Is Wrongly Indulged": March 18, 1172. Viridis is ecstatic to learn that her wayward cousin Searle is in Naroni for a few days. She seems intent on spending time with him; her father, however, is wary about the connection between the two.

"In Which Searle Is Given a Message to Pass": March 21, 1172. Searle, as a favor to Elarys, checks up on Ellona. Ellona reveals that she is pregnant with Ietrin's child and that she does not want Elarys in the baby's life.

"In Which Had Gets an Improper Sort of Answer": April 5, 1172. Had calls at Tarien's castle and proposes marriage to Lyraina. Unconventionally, she accepts.

"In Which Atala Is Told the Reason": April 12, 1172. Atala, Tavrin's lover, confronts Tavrin as he returns from a brief communication with Deian. He confides in her that he believes it is possible that their elders might return some day, though likely in the distant future.

"In Which Tarien Does the Gentlemanly Thing": April 29, 1172. Tarien is approached in the night by Arydath, who muses that she never "thanked him properly". She then proceeds to seduce him.

"In Which Asalaye Learns of a New Floor": May 15, 1172. Asalaye hears of Cord's plans for the new house.

"In Which Jadin Ruins the Moment": June 1, 1172. Jadin and Xeta steal away during one of Lorn and Leara's parties to make out on Xeta's bed. They confess their love for each other and proceed to bask in each other's company until he asks if she wants to have sex.

"In Which Leara Notes What Lorn Doesn't Notice": June 21, 1172. Leara looks on as Lorn meets their firstborn and heir, Roderick ("Ricky").

"In Which Jeda Falls Prey to an Idiot's Reasoning": July 1, 1172. Jeda, now ten months married and one month pregnant, is confronted by Ietrin about the lack of blood on her sheets. She tells him it's too early to say, but he seems relieved, as though he believed her to be infertile; Jeda, meanwhile, suspects that Ietrin is the one with the problem, based on how long it took him to finally get Ellona pregnant. It is revealed that Jeda knows about Ietrin's affair with Ellona, but that it's the least of her concerns.

"In Which Asalaye Learns Something about Brothers": July 28, 1172. Asalaye, worried that she might be losing her brother, escapes to the hayloft during Had and Lyraina's wedding party. She is found and comforted by Lonriad.

"In Which Arydath Needs More than a Minute": July 28, 1172. Arydath is confronted by Tarien about her expanding middle. He tells her that he wants to be a father to her child, and that he will marry her if she wants. She tells him that she'll think about it.

"In Which Thetis Is Not Spared": August 2, 1172. Thetis returns home to find Evera and Setran making out in the living room.

"In Which Florian Says the One Thing": August 2, 1172. Florian, shocked and upset about the revelation of the exploits of his son and stepdaughter, goes to Seoth's inn with the intent of drinking and complaining. An indifferent Seoth casually reveals that his wife is also his stepsister.

"In Which Octavius Finds an Opening": August 3, 1172. Octavius is dragged out of bed in the middle of the night by Florian, who demands that he do something to at least separate Setran and Evera for a while. Annoyed and not sure what any of it has to do with him, Octavius offers to make Setran his squire if Florian agrees to leave.

"In Which Raia Questions Lonriad's Vocabulary": October 8, 1172. Raia is visited by Lonriad, who is looking for a place to lay low after an encounter with the local brute squad. He says the he knocked the head brute's son's teeth out after hearing him make fun of Asalaye's nose. Raia speculates that Lonriad might have an interest in Asalaye. Lonriad denies this, prompting Alina's first word--"Liar."

"In Which Xeta Gets as Good as a Promise": October 15, 1172. Xeta gets an apology from Jadin, as well as a clarification. The post ends with a hinting slip of a lace.

"In Which Ietrin Ponders the Future of His Masterpiece": November 9, 1172. Ietrin, in spite of his general dislike of children, is besotted with his and Ellona's son, Kaldar.

"In Which Eilyssa Finds the Air Bitter": November 20, 1172. Eilyssa, concerned about Xeta's recent nausea and aware of the fact that she slept with Jadin, decides that it would be in her friend's best interests if she informed Celina.

"In Which Severin's Standard Is Twice Raised": November 20, 1172. Severin is confronted by Lorn, who demands to see Jadin--who takes the news of Xeta's suspected pregnancy shockingly well. Lorn insists that the pair marry; Severin relents.

"In Which Jadin's Wife Is an Evil Genius": December 14, 1172. Jadin and Xeta have a talk on their wedding night. Xeta reveals that she planned on getting pregnant as a means of snaring the wayward Jadin; he is amused and takes it as a compliment.


21 Posts

"In Which Sparron Wakes to Worse than a Hangover": January 2, 1173. Sparron wakes following a rowdy New Years' party to find Searle in his bed. Having previously established a rule against spending the night, he begins to panic and yells at Searle for jeopardizing them. Searle breaks down, triggering a mood change in Sparron.
"In Which Ellona Joins the Dirty Mistress Club": January 12, 1173. Ellona visits at Raia's house. Raia expresses her concern for Jeda and requests that Ellona stops monopolizing Ietrin's time, but also extends an offer of friendship. Ellona seems to consider this, but no answer is seen.

"In Which Octavius Makes Note of the Only Thought": January 28, 1173. Octavius approaches Severin about Riona's antics, but insists that she is a good kid deep down. Severin states that this is true of all of his children.

"In Which Severin Hears What He Will Not Allow": January 31, 1173. Severin meets Tarien and Arydath's newborn daughter. Tarien tries to arrange a match between her and one of Severin's sons, but Severin refuses. Tarien then warns him that love isn't a guarantee and that his children might end up in monasteries. Severin takes offense to this.

"In Which Ietrin's Heart Hits a Wall": March 3, 1173. Ietrin is spending time with Ellona at her castle when Sparron arrives, looking for him. He says that Jeda is in labor and it isn't going well.

"In Which Sparron Loses Faith in the Magic of Couch Forts": March 3, 1173. Sparron returns to the castle with Ietrin, where they are confronted by an angry Octavius. He informs them that Arydath managed to save both Jeda and the baby, then takes them into the room to meet the new arrival. Much to Ietrin's dismay, the son and he was anticipating is actually a daughter, Medea ("Dea").

"In Which Asalaye Is Brought Back from the Cosmos": April 17, 1173. Asalaye is given a tour of Cord's new house. It is implied that he is considering the possibility of her living there with him one day. She has conflicting feelings about this.

"In Which Searle Gets a Last Chance": May 7, 1173. Searle, a Knight of Naroni following his marriage to Valira, receives an unexpected visit from his brother, Abrich. Abrich informs Searle that their father is dying and requests that he and his family head back to Dovia until he goes. Searle agrees to this.

"In Which Lyraina Gets a Present": June 9, 1173. Lyraina spends the afternoon with her mother and her own new baby son, Halford. Some time after her mother leaves, Lyraina finds Arydath's old green scarf in Halford's crib.

"In Which Sparron Feels the Sinister Thing": July 9, 1173. Sparron has a conversation with Searle while Xeta is in labor. Searle tells Sparron that he plans to ask Severin to find him a wife, which provokes some unwanted jealousy on Sparron's part. They are interrupted by Jadin, who bursts in to announce the birth of his new daughter, Eilyssa ("Lyssa").

"In Which Searle Is Shielded from the Folds": July 12, 1173. Searle approaches Severin and tells him that he would like an arranged marriage. Severin doesn't like the idea, but Searle presses him further. Severin eventually lets slip that he is aware of Searle's affair with Sparron, prompting a panicked reaction on Searle's part. Severin assures him that it isn't an issue for him, and Searle ends up unloading his frustrations with Sparron. After hearing Searle out, Severin agrees to find him a wife.

"In Which Jeda Is Not Demanded": August 3, 1173. Jeda is told by Ietrin that enough time has passed since Dea's birth to start trying for an heir.

"In Which Severin's Interest Is Sparked": August 7, 1173. Severin arrives at the castle of Alina's newly-widowed sister Renata. Their conversation turns to the subject of Renata's daughter Arletta ("Lettie"), a scholar-in-the-making with a thirst for biblical controversies and a seeming interest in same-sex relationships. It is implied that Severin wants Lettie for Searle.

"In Which Nora Is Alarmed by the Bitterness": August 9, 1173. Nora attempts to console an ill, irritable Viridis about the fact that Severin won't be home for her birthday. Viridis ends up fainting following the conversation.

"In Which Searle Meets the New Addition to the Madhouse": August 16, 1173. Searle learns that his father has returned--along with Lettie.

"In Which Lettie Asks the Difficult Question": August 16, 1173. Lettie, who has been informed by Severin of Searle's relationship with Sparron, asks Searle what he expects from her. He tells her that he'd like to fall in love with her.

"In Which Viridis Is Told to Forget": October 7, 1173. Viridis, on the upswing from one of her illnesses, receives a visit from the wayward cousin Searle. They discuss her health and Searle suggests that she visit the seaside. Viridis says that she doesn't want to trouble her family into taking her there. Searle says he would, then hastily leaves and tells her to forget that he said it.

"In Which Sparron Is Betrayed": October 8, 1173. Sparron, depressed and heartbroken and plagued with thoughts of suicide, retreats from Searle and Lettie's wedding reception. He is approached by Lettie, who attempts to befriend him. He tells her to leave with she reveals that she knows about him and Searle. Camaline then arrives and asks if Sparron is all right. He requests that they leave.

"In Which Setran Is Made a Joke": November 11, 1173. Setran, in spite of being a horrible squire, is offered a knighthood from Octavius.

"In Which Rifden Is Not Immune to the Flames": December 9, 1173. Rifden, youngest brother of Falidor and Nora, is trying to cope with the fact that he has had to make a coffin for a year-old girl when he is approached by Laveria's daughter Aerina. She tells him that her mother been summoned for an urgent, top-secret house call and that she wants company while she waits for her to return.
"In Which Camaline Gives the Wrong Answer to the Right Question": December 27, 1173. Camaline informs Searle and Lettie that Sparron has been "ill" (it can be inferred that this was the call Aerina had been referring to in the previous post). It is implied that she is not quite telling the truth.

24 Posts

"In Which Searle Is Flung": January 3, 1174. Searle goes to Tetran Keep with the intent of seeing Searle. He checks in with Octavius first. Octavius asks if Searle knows why Sparron has been so depressed; Searle lies and says he doesn't.
"In Which Sparron Presents the Pieces": January 3, 1174. Sparron, wallowing in self-loathing following his botched suicide attempt, is visited by a distraught Searle. Sparron admits that he has been cruel and tries to end things with Searle for the other boy's sake. Searle refuses and instead invites him to spend a few days at his castle when Lettie attends to the birth of Nora's baby in March.

"In Which Cord Splashes in the Silence": February 5, 1174. Cord, waiting for Asalaye to get ready for one of their outings, endures an awkward half-conversation with Asalaye's sister Nanalie.

"In Which Thetis Knows the Best Way": February 26, 1174. Thetis tries to reassure Florian on the morning of Setran and Evera's wedding.

"In Which Searle Suggests Forgetting": March 17, 1174. Searle and Sparron enjoy some time together while Lettie is tending to Nora.

"In Which Haldred Tells What He Has Learned": March 26, 1174. Haldred calls at the castle of his son, Searle, to wish him a happy birthday. Searle reveals to Haldred that he is in love (presumably with Viridis).

"In Which Searle Enters the Ugly Place": April 19, 1174. Searle, after a failed attempt at making love to Ren, collapses.

"In Which Mona Is Drained": April 24, 1174. Ramona ("Mona"), second daughter of Roderick and Laralita, and her half-sister Elhina endure an afternoon chat with their mother. It is interrupted by the arrival of Elhina's brother Ietrin, who informs their mother of Searle's plight.

"In Which Raia Sees the One Way": April 24, 1174. Raia is approached by Laralita, who tells her about Searle and asks about Tavrin's whereabouts.

"In Which Ren Clings to the Thought": April 30, 1174. Ren meets Tavrin, who has been brought to Searle's bedside by Laralita. She asks if he can help Searle. He says that he can try.

"In Which Searle Visits the Waiting Place": April 30, 1174. Searle, in limbo, meets his long-dead father. Karlspan tells Searle that he isn't dead and will be returning to his castle soon.
"In Which Tavrin Intrudes on a Happily Ever After": April 30, 1174. Tavrin looks on as Searle regains consciousness and reunites with Ren and their son. His mood changes when Laralita makes her presence known.
"In Which Laralita Is Barred from the Beautiful Place": May 1, 1174. Laralita checks up on Searle and Ren before turning in for the night. She attempts to make peace with Searle. He tells her he can't forgive her for abandoning him.

"In Which Sextus Knows He Knows": May 27, 1174. Sextus is approached by Searle after Searle arrives at Veldora Keep and fails to find the family. Sextus informs him of Viridis's latest health scare.

"In Which Viridis Opens Her Eyes": May 29, 1174. Viridis wakes to find a present from Searle.

"In Which Jadin Eliminates the Options": June 2, 1174. Jadin sits up with his family as Viridis recovers. Searle arrives and asks for a word with Severin.

"In Which Severin Denies the Phrase": June 2, 1174. Severin is informed that Searle has a house by the sea. Searle offers to marry Viridis and take her to live there. Reluctant, Severin tells him to ask Viridis herself before talking to him again.

"In Which Searle Catches a Falling Star": June 5, 1174. Searle asks Viridis if she wants to go to the sea with him. She accepts.

"In Which Lonriad Attends an Underwear Party": July 29, 1174. Lonriad, seeking shelter during a heatwave, retreats to the loft of Adonis's barn--only to find a scantily-clad Asalaye already there. He strips down to catch up and the pair exchange insults. They nearly kiss, but are interrupted by Nanalie.

"In Which Viridis Makes an Exception": August 10, 1174. Viridis, feeling faint, takes a brief retreat from her wedding feast. She is soon joined by Severin for some bittersweet comfort.

"In Which Lettie Gives a Perfect Present": September 29, 1174. Lettie gives Searle his birthday present--a baby's cradle.

"In Which Eilyssa Finds Something to Work On": September 30, 1174. Eilyssa helps her future sister-in-law Riala babysit half-siblings Alina and Severin ("Sev"). Reputed "bad girl" Riala expresses her disdain for the double standards of the age.

"In Which Riona Proves Nothing": November 2, 1174. Riona is grounded by Severin following a particularly risky misadventure. She laments that he doesn't let her get away with anything.
"In Which Ren Ends a Damn Good Year": December 24, 1174. Ren spends Christmas Eve with her husband and son. Searle declares that the year was a good one overall and that the next will be even better. He then runs a hand over Ren's bulging midsection.


Current Naroni Year

"In Which Severin Adds to the List": January 9, 1175. Severin and Nora are woken in the middle of the night as a result of the arrival of a group of crusaders led by the Spanish knight Domingo de Cervantes. Between Domingo's lack of regard for Nora and his ill treatment of his son, Isidro, Severin is not impressed. The situation only worsens when Riona arrives.

"In Which Riona Is Warned": January 10, 1175. Riona sneaks out of bed again for a midnight chat with Domingo's nephew Casimiro, of whom she seems rather fond. They are interrupted by Isidro, who urges Riona to go back to her room before his father starts wandering the halls; Riona does not take kindly to his presence.

"In Which Xeta's Levity Is Restored": January 10, 1175. Xeta watches on in relief as Domingo prepares to leave.

"In Which Vera Acts by Pointless Instinct": January 10, 1175. Vera attempts to wake Riona, who has presumably been sleeping in for quite some time. She finally decides to enter the room, only to find that Riona is not there.

"In Which Bernardo Lets It Stay": January 11, 1175. Bernardo, Domingo's middle nephew, speaks with his older brother Augustin while waiting for their uncle outside of an inn. Augustin tells Bernardo that Domingo is planning on making him his heir instead of Isidro. Having overheard, Isidro and Casimiro make their presence known, but Isidro insists that his father already told him anyway. The party is then interrupted by the arrival of a fellow guest.
"In Which Riona Invents a Boy": January 11, 1175. Riona, having run away from home, approaches the crusaders sporting a hasty haircut and her brother's clothing, adopting the alias of Searle ("the most common name in the area"). She asks if she can join them. Bernardo and Casimiro have no objections, but Augustin declines and Isidro seems suspicious. Isidro changes his mind if only to disagree with Augustin.
"In Which Nora Does All She Can": February 1, 1175. Nora attempts to console Severin, still miserable and guilt-ridden after Riona's disappearance.
"In Which Riona Is Mocked by the Eyes": February 16, 1175. Riona is invited to join Isidro and Bernardo for a night out. She agrees in the interest of maintaining her cover.
"In Which Isidro Resorts to Desperate Measures": February 16, 1175. Isidro, having tried and failed over the past month to make Riona admit to him her true sex, takes her to a brothel and hires a prostitute for her, all the while expecting her to back down.
"In Which Riona Gives the Chance": February 16, 1175. Riona, now alone in a private room with Ninon, agonizes over how to turn her down without drawing attention to herself. She then notices Ninon's wedding ring and inquires. As it turns out, Ninon is a widow. Riona asks if she wants to talk about it.
"In Which Isidro Loses Sight of the Point": February 16, 1175. Isidro, having been waiting long past the brothel's peak hours, is finally joined downstairs by Riona, who tells him that she and Ninon spent the entire time talking. This frustrates him.
"In Which Camaline Calls at the New House": March 30, 1175. Camaline pays Aydelle a visit. It turns out that Sparron has gone to Searle's castle to meet the new baby.


Posted by: SB (starling_1)
Posted at: March 15th, 2011 08:39 pm (UTC)

I love every single chapter! Your writing is absolutely exceptional.

Posted by: Van (dinuriel)
Posted at: March 16th, 2011 12:37 am (UTC)

Thanks Beth :)

Posted by: Joseph McDonald (Joseph McDonald)
Posted at: March 17th, 2011 04:08 pm (UTC)

Beth couldn't have put it better. The sheer speed of your updates never fails to amaze me. Your writing completely enthralls me and I don't just mean Naroni. Ashelia and THIV is just as good and I intend to start reading Veronaville soon(ish)

Keep up the good work :)


Posted by: Van (dinuriel)
Posted at: March 17th, 2011 04:09 pm (UTC)

Thanks, Joseph. Glad you're enjoying :)

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