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Sorry for destroying anyone's Friends Page, but for some reason the LJ cut didn't show

August 20th, 2009 (04:07 pm)
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Hi all. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but obviously I haven't actually gotten around to it until now. Lately, I've been thinking about how Kingdom of Naroni is over 100 posts long now, and the sheer length of it may turn off some potential readers.

So, I've decided to make up a little directory/table of contents/index/whatever of the Naroni posts, complete with summaries, for those who just want to jump in without trudging through all the old posts. Also, this may come in handy if you want to read a particular old post, but don't want to look around for it on the actual site.

EDIT: Due to LJ post limit issues, this installment is now "Volume I: 1155-1161". Sorry for the inconvenience. Volume II can be found here.

Now, without further ado... (please excuse some of the earlier pictures--they're ancient!)

SPOILER WARNING: If you wish to read from the beginning and do not want to risk encountering any spoilers, this may not be the safest page for you.


14 Posts
From "In Which Roderick Becomes a King" (January 1, 1155)

"In Which Roderick Becomes a King": January 1, 1155. Roderick, the second-born Prince of Dovia, and his wife Geneva, a younger sister of the current Earl of Bandera, are crowned King and Queen of Naroni. Roderick has been exiled from his homeland of Dovia after drunkenly slandering against his father and older brother. Accompanied by his wife, baby son, and a handful of assorted nobles and a party of peasants, Roderick settles in a valley kingdom known as Naroni, rumored to have once been home to the Naron people, half-human offspring of the pagan gods. Of course, a born and bred Catholic such as Roderick takes that knowledge with a grain of salt. Meanwhile, Geneva reveals to her friend Medea, the new Baroness of Tetran, that she is expecting her second child.

"In Which Celina Is Assured": March 16, 1155. Celina, a cousin of King Roderick and former ward to his father King Farilon, was promised to Dalston, the younger brother of Lord Beretrin, in exchange for his accompaniment of Roderick in exile. Dalston has been named Duke of Armion by Roderick, gaining lordship over one of the four shires of Naroni. The now-pregnant duchess adores her new husband, but worries that she is not good enough for him. However, he comes to her in their room and it seems that he is beginning to share her feelings.

"In Which Octavius Wants One Thing": March 19, 1155. Octavius, eighth and last son of the late Lord Felonis, named Baron of Tetran by Roderick, has suffered through three years of marriage to Medea, the eldest sister of the Earl of Sarona. All Octavius wants is to be a father, but Medea refuses to bear his children on the grounds of his blood being not fine enough to be mixed with hers. After a brief argument with his wife, Octavius encounters a traveler who is interested in the empty, lordless shire to the south.

"In Which Alina Must Have Faith": March 19, 1155. Alina is the fifth daughter and tenth child of the Count of Valcria. At a young age, she was promised to Rudolphus, heir to the Duke of Luperia; however, on the eve of their wedding, she eloped with Severin, her betrothed's bastard half-brother, with whom she has shared a life-long love. Now expecting a child, the pair settles in the empty castle in the unoccupied shire of Veldora, over which Severin aspires to gain lordship.

"In Which Adonis Can't Believe His Good Fortune": March 19, 1155. Adonis was just a poor Dovian farmer when Severin came to his house and begged him to witness his marriage to Alina. Promised some sort of payment, Adonis agreed. In exchange for his compliance, Severin and Alina gave Adonis the hand of Alina's beautiful, mysterious maid, Honora, and allowed them to accompany them in their travels, which eventually led them to Naroni. Once they had settled into the empty shire of Veldora, Severin elevated Adonis to gentleman status and gave him a house with a barn and animals. Adonis has some difficulty adjusting to his spell of good luck, which includes Honora's wish to start a family.

"In Which Electra Sees a Brother and a Ghost": March 21, 1155. Electra's first husband, Hamrick, has been dead for three years. Following the death of her mother-in-law in late 1154, Electra married Hamrick's younger brother Florian, who was told to leave Dovia before the beginning of 1155. After spending some time in the dungeons on counts of petty thievery, Florian is terminally ill and Electra's world revolves around caring for him.

"In Which Halford Names and Is Named a Pig": March 21, 1155. Halford is a pig farmer who has come to Naroni with his new wife, Arydath, resident midwife and healer. The two constantly bicker and tease each other, as well as occasionally pull practical jokes at each other's expense (in fact, it was due to one such practical joke that they were married), but it is clear that they truly love each other.

"In Which Thetis Is Rescued from the Troll": March 22, 1155. Thetis, a thirteen-year-old orphan, was given to Norwan by her uncle as a means of settling his debts. Norwan's behavior toward Thetis can only be described as abusive--sexually, physically, verbally, emotionally. Thetis finds herself pregnant, and while delighted at the prospect of being a mother, she fears for the safety of both her baby and herself. While crying in Norwan's field, she is approached and comforted by Severin, who offers for her to come and live with him and Alina until the baby is born. She accepts and leaves with him.

"In Which Geneva Enjoys Some Male Company": September 1, 1155. Geneva, Queen of Naroni, is relaxing in her husband's study while he and Dalston discuss the pressing need to bring a priest to Naroni. Roderick's steward, Aldhein, then enters and announces the arrival of Roderick's cousin, Severin, who announces that he has found a priest, Father Quintus, in exchange for lordship over Veldora. Roderick reluctantly agrees. It is revealed that Geneva is attracted to Dalston, Severin, and Aldhein--particularly Dalston. Aldhein returns and announces that Celina has gone into labor, prompting the other men to leave. Aldhein and Geneva proceed to interact flirtatiously, and it is implied that they begin an affair.

"In Which Dalston Meets His Heir": September 2, 1155. Dalston has been waiting anxiously outside his and Celina's bedroom while Celina labors. He is accompanied by Octavius, Severin, and Quintus. It is revealed that he has come to love his wife, but that he has a lingering attraction to Geneva, with whom he is implied to have a sexual history. Arydath then emerges from the bedroom with Dalston's baby son in her arms. Dalston and the baby then join Celina in the bedroom. Celina names her son Lornian ("Lorn") after her father, and Dalston and Celina admit their love for one another.

"In Which Medea Is Persuaded": October 25, 1155. Medea is visited by Geneva and her two children, one-year-old Ietrin and newborn Learianna ("Leara"). Geneva expresses a desire for her children to marry Medea's children. Purely out of loyalty to her friend, Medea goes to Octavius that night and tells him that she will give him one child, but only for Geneva's sake.

"In Which Severin Knows the Most Important Thing": November 10, 1155. Severin, Alina, and their month-old daughter Rahileine ("Raia") are visited by Dalston, Celina, and Lorn. Dalston wishes to arrange a match for Lorn and Raia, but Severin refuses, not wanting his children to become pawns in the game of politics. Meanwhile, Thetis, who has been staying with Severin and Alina, goes into labor.

"In Which Honora Has a Stroke of Genius": December 3, 1155. Honora, a few weeks short of her due date, receives a visit from Alina, Thetis, Raia, and Thetis's new twins, Evera and Byrn. Thetis and Alina muse that while Norwan expects Thetis to return with one baby--decidedly Byrn, Norwan's son and heir--the other, Evera, should be sent to live elsewhere for her own safety. Honora suggests sending Evera to live with Electra, who doesn't have a baby of her own and whose dying husband is unlikely to give her one. Honora and her husband, Adonis, reveal their love for one another, despite the fact that they barely know each other.

"In Which Florian's Peace is Disturbed': December 3, 1155. Florian wakes to the sound of a baby crying. He gets out of bed and discovers that Severin has brought Evera to be cared for by Electra. It is revealed that Florian is in denial about the state of his health, and that his relationship with Electra is purely platonic. Though not fond of children, he seems to take to Evera, albeit somewhat grudgingly.

"In Which Arydath Meets a Gypsy and a Nun": January 3, 1156. Arydath, Halford, and their baby daughter Lyraina are visited by a pair of travelers. One is a gypsy known as Laveria of Ashtoreth (though it is hinted that the name is an alias), who has--presumably--come to Naroni as a herbalist and midwife, lightening Arydath's own load. The other, Sister Elwyna, is a nun with the intention of starting up an orphanage. It is also revealed that Geneva's brother Karlspan, the Earl of Bandera, has fallen ill.

"In Which Norwan Takes Back His Own": January 7, 1156. Norwan's young wife Thetis and his son Byrn return to him.

"In Which Laveria Sees What Should Have Been": January 9, 1156. Laveria arrives at Severin's castle in Veldora. It is revealed that she is his mother. She meets her new granddaughter, Raia, as well as Severin's fifteen-year-old steward, Falidor. Severin promises to have a house built for her nearby. It is strongly implied that Laveria still has feelings for Severin's father, Lonriad, Duke of Luperia.

"In Which Florian Makes a Last Promise": January 10, 1156. Florian, who has now admitted to himself that he is dying, is visited in a dream by his late brother Hamrick, who asks him to have a baby with Electra. He agrees, then wakes and proceeds to have awkward sex with his wife.

"In Which Geneva Lets Herself Forget": January 29, 1156. Geneva returns from Dalston's castle without Roderick and muses that she would have been happier had she been born to a family of a lower class. She then proceeds to have sex with Aldhein.

"In Which Falidor Calls at a Girl's House": February 2, 1156. Falidor, Severin's steward, arrives at Thetis's house to escort her to Florian and Electra's so that she can see her daughter Evera. It is implied that Falidor has a crush on Thetis.

"In Which Thetis Is Given an Unusual First Impression": February 2, 1156. Thetis arrives at Florian and Electra's house. It is revealed that though she has come to know Electra, she has not yet met Florian. It is also implied that Electra is pregnant. Electra leaves to go to the market. Thinking that Electra is still there and unaware of Thetis's presence, Florian walks out of the bedroom... naked. He hastily gets dressed and apologizes, and the two proceed to talk. Thetis immediately feels a connection to Florian.

"In Which Alina Requests a Bedtime Story": February 14, 1156. Alina muses that she has been feeling useless and empty since giving birth, and feels that Raia no longer needs her, and that Severin is a more competent parent than she is. She comes to the conclusion that she was happier while she was pregnant, and resolves to get pregnant again. She then has sex with Severin.

"In Which Electra Has a Feeling": April 5, 1156. Electra, who has suffered numerous miscarriages in the past, finally admits to herself that she is pregnant.

"In Which Roderick Humbles Himself": April 26, 1156. Roderick, Dalston, Octavius, and Severin go to inspect the restored church. Roderick confesses to Father Quintus that he recently slept with a prostitute, but regrets it.

"In Which Celina Keeps Smiling": May 18, 1156. Celina, Geneva, and Alina spend the afternoon at the home of the largely pregnant Medea. Both Alina and Geneva reveal their own pregnancies, causing Celina to wonder why she herself is not yet pregnant again.

"In Which Florian Discovers a Butterfly": June 6, 1156. Florian receives a visit from Thetis. Electra then returns home in a good mood and requests that Thetis tries on an old dress of her mother's, as it would fit her. Thetis tries on the dress and allows Electra to play with her hair. Florian sees her and it is implied that he is attracted to her.

"In Which Severin Looks into an Alternate Universe": July 22, 1156. Severin and Dalston wait with Octavius as Medea gives birth. Celina and Geneva then arrive with Octavius and Medea's new twins, son Sparron and daughter Jedaline ("Jeda"). Octavius leaves the room to talk to his wife, and Severin soon leaves to check the cook's progress with supper. However, he overhears Octavius and Medea's conversation, during which Medea refuses to bear Octavius any more children. Severin is immediately reminded of his womanizing father and his long-suffering stepmother.

"In Which Dalston Leaves a Moment for His Life"
: August 11, 1156. Dalston goes to the castle, believing that Roderick has summoned him, but finds that Roderick is not there. Instead, he visits with Geneva and ends up kissing her (it is implied that she sent the summons in order to seduce him). Ashamed, he hastily leaves. Later that night, he returns home to Celina, and they have sex.

"In Which Arydath Captains a Doomed Vessel": October 3, 1156. Arydath, with Halford and Lyraina in tow, goes to Electra's house on a whim, as she possesses a remarkable ability to predict when women are about to give birth. She has a feeling that something horrible will happen. Florian passes out on the floor, then Electra goes into labor. She then sends Halford to alert both Laveria and the baron.

"In Which Adonis Senses an Emergency": October 3, 1156. Adonis and Severin are approached by a frantic Halford, who requests that Severin accompany him back to Florian's house. He also tells them that Electra gave birth to a son named Setran.

"In Which Electra Learns the Meaning of Always": October 3, 1156. Electra, having died in childbirth, is visited by her late husband Hamrick, who takes her away.

"In Which Florian Becomes a Father": October 3, 1156. Florian realizes that he must raise both Setran and Evera on his own.

"In Which Thetis Expresses Herself": October 5, 1156. Thetis attends Electra's funeral.

"In Which Honora Is Promised Something Special": November 28, 1156. Honora is playing with her son Hadrinian ("Had") in the attic when she is approached by Adonis, who promises to do something special for her birthday.

"In Which Falidor Meets Man's Greatest Fear": December 10, 1156. Falidor has too much to drink at the inn and is led by a girl, Ailede, to her family's house. She then seduces him, only to have her father walk in on them. Furious, her father then demands that Falidor marries her.

"In Which Oswald Brings the News": December 12, 1156. Oswald, Roderick's older brother, Crown Prince of Dovia, arrives at the castle and tells Roderick that their cousin, Cambrin, the Earl of Sarona, will be getting married on the fifteenth of January, and that all of the nobles in Naroni, with the exception of the exiled Roderick, are invited.

"In Which Falidor Faces the Extent of His Mistake": December 16, 1156. Falidor is miserable living with his in-laws, who frequently fight and treat him like a slave. His new father-in-law, Lonel, also blatantly flirts with his sister Leonora ("Nora"). Ailede then reveals that she tricked Falidor into marrying her because she thought that, as a steward, he would have his own house, and that she would no longer have to live with her parents.

"In Which Nora Scales Mount Olympus": December 20, 1156. Nora goes to see Severin and asks for a house for Falidor and Ailede. Severin agrees, then gives Nora a job as Alina's maid.


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From "In Which Celina Is Reassured" (July 17, 1157)

"In Which Celina Says Goodbye": January 8, 1157. Celina, too pregnant to travel to Dovia for the wedding, bids her husband farewell. Dalston promises that he will do nothing to dishonor her.

"In Which Severin Hears the Bittersweet": January 15, 1157. Severin runs into his stepmother, Viridis, at the wedding. She tells him that she is pregnant following one night with his father, from whom she has been abstaining for years. He muses that he will now be unable to think of anything else for the duration of the wedding.

"In Which Octavius Lives for a Moment": January 15, 1157. Octavius has an encounter with Roderick's younger sister Holladrin, Princess of Dovia. It is implied that he has romantic feelings for her.

"In Which Medea Subjects Herself to Nonsense": January 15, 1157. Medea reacquaints herself with her siblings, Athalia, whose marriage has made her Crown Princess of Dovia and of whom Medea is not fond, and Cambrin, Earl of Sarona and the groom. Cambrin muses that his young bride may not want to marry him, and decides to give her a chance to free herself, an idea which Athalia supports and Medea scoffs.

"In Which Geneva Is Twice Interrupted": January 15, 1157. Geneva has a romantic encounter with Lonriad, Severin's father. However, Severin catches them before they progress too far, and proceeds to tell off Lonriad. Lonriad then loses the will to go through with the affair, much to Geneva's chagrin.

"In Which Dalston Hopes for More Weddings": January 15, 1157. Dalston finds himself happy to be back in Dovia.

"In Which Alina's Niece Is Given a Choice": January 15, 1157. Alina has a discussion with the bride, her thirteen-year-old niece Lileina, who has doubts about the marriage on the grounds that it is really more for her father's benefit than her own. Cambrin arrives and offers to call off the wedding if she would rather not go through with it. Happy to finally have some say in the matter, Lileina decides to marry him after all.

"In Which Geneva Has Eleven Options and One Fate": January 16, 1157. Geneva, unable to sleep, seeks out some male companionship.

"In Which Dalston Takes a Second Bite": January 16, 1157. Dalston, slightly drunk and rather worried about Celina, is visited in his bedchamber by Geneva.

"In Which Alina Finds Herself Very Wrong": January 16, 1157. Alina has a chat with her sister Renata, Lady Beretrin, then sees Dalston and Geneva having sex.

"In Which Severin's Fear Is Realized": January 16, 1157. Severin comforts Alina, who tells him about Dalston and Geneva. It is learned that Severin has a deep fear of ending up like his father.

"In Which Florian Sees a Black World": January 20, 1157. Florian passes out during a visit with Thetis.

"In Which Laveria Declares Falidor Universally Henpecked": January 20, 1157. Laveria and her grandchildren, Raia and Jadin, are visiting Falidor at his new house when Halford arrives and tells Laveria that she is needed at Florian's house. It is revealed that Falidor has a weakness for women's demands.

"In Which Celina Receives the Message": January 23, 1157. Celina is informed of Dalston's adultery. She immediately assumes that he no longer loves her.

"In Which Thetis Gives Light to Diamonds": January 25, 1157. Thetis anxiously waits for Florian to wake. Laveria tells her that she doesn't think he has much time left, and that there is nothing left to do for him. A solution then presents itself in the guise of a mysterious, naked, grammatically-challenged child with strange eyes and black markings on his face, who insists that he can help.

"In Which Florian Battles a Wyrm": January 25, 1157. Florian, after the kid's intervention, is cured.

"In Which Farilon Must Ask": January 28, 1157. Farilon, King of Dovia, finds himself feeling unfulfilled until he asks Geneva about his son, Roderick.

"In Which Lonriad Wrecks Cambrin's Furniture": January 28, 1157. Lonriad tells Severin that he and Farilon once encountered a woman making her way from Naroni, weak, sickly, and mad. He recalls that she claimed to have been a man transformed into a woman by some enchantment, and that she had been raped by some sort of creature and then given birth to a pair of twins.

"In Which Dalston's Reputation Proceeds Him": February 1, 1157. Dalston returns home to Naroni, where Celina receives him with reserve. He realizes that she knows about his night with Geneva.

"In Which Roderick's Biological Clock Ticks": February 17, 1157. Roderick notices that Geneva is acting strangely.

"In Which Celina's Heartache Deepens": March 3, 1157. Celina and Dalston learn that Geneva is pregnant. They both immediately fear that the baby is Dalston's.

"In Which Falidor Figures It Out": March 25, 1157. Falidor discovers that Ailede is pregnant.

"In Which Celina's Joy Holds a Sorrow": May 9, 1157. Celina gives birth to a daughter, Xetrica ("Xeta"), and muses that she will probably be her last child.

"In Which Florian Gives Thetis a Memory": May 18, 1157. Florian invites Thetis to his new house for her birthday. He ends up presenting her with her first kiss.

"In Which Severin Defends a Distressed Damsel": July 13, 1157. Severin tells Dalston that some sort of strong gesture is needed to repair his relationship with his wife.

"In Which Celina Is Reassured": July 17, 1157. Celina is romanced by her husband.

"In Which Nora Learns What Art Is": August 28, 1157. Nora meets a handsome carpenter named Jothein.

"In Which Arydath Is Always Right": September 29, 1157. Arydath goes to Severin and Alina's castle to deliver their third child, a son named Searle.

"In Which Laveria Has an Ardent Suitor": October 16, 1157. Laveria is pursued by the local butcher, Willott.

"In Which Dalston Steps Into the Clear": October 26, 1157. Dalston keeps Roderick company as Geneva gives birth. Both men believe that the baby is theirs, though Dalston hopes that it is actually Roderick's. It turns out that the baby is Aldhein's.

"In Which Roderick Puts His Foot Down": October 27, 1157. Roderick tells Geneva that he will no longer sleep with her unless he decides he wants a baby.

"In Which Geneva Makes Up Her Mind": October 30, 1157. Geneva decides that she cannot be happy as a queen, and that her children are better off without her.

"In Which Medea Is Abandoned": November 4, 1157. Medea receives a late night visit from Geneva, who tells her that she is leaving Naroni. This troubles Medea, as Geneva is her only friend and the only person she truly cares about.

"In Which Severin Tells Most": November 11, 1157. Severin tells Roderick what he knows about Geneva's recent sexual history, excluding the affair with Dalston. Roderick declares that Geneva is dead to him, as it is unlikely that she will survive on her own in the wild.

"In Which Aldhein Meets an Angel": November 14, 1157. Aldhein worries over the future of his baby daughter, Eilyssa. Celina then offers to give the girl a home, and Aldhein a new job, as Roderick plans to dismiss him as soon as he finds a replacement.

"In Which Riala Looks Twice": December 1, 1157. Riala, Falidor's dying mother, meets her twin grandchildren--a boy named Fenrick, for her late husband, and a girl named Riala, for herself.



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From "In Which Severin Finds an Exception" (July 12, 1158)


"In Which Florian Receives a House Call": January 1, 1158. Florian is visited late at night by the mysterious kid, who has come to check up on Florian's health.

"In Which Nora Is Offered a Warm Hand": January 3, 1158. Nora, now the caretaker of her three younger siblings following the death of her mother, is proposed to by Jothein.

"In Which Roderick Gives the News": February 2, 1158. Roderick announces that his father will be coming to Naroni.

"In Which Holladrin Whispers Westward": February 14, 1158. Holladrin muses that she would like to visit Naroni.

"In Which Severin's Paradise Is Lost": February 16, 1158. Severin comes home to find that his father and his brother, Rudolphus, who have accompanied King Farilon to Naroni, have invited themselves to stay with him and Alina.

"In Which Medea Looks into the Mirror": February 20, 1158. Medea obsesses over Geneva's departure to the point that it interferes with her day-to-day life.

"In Which Lonriad Wakes in the Real World": February 22, 1158. Lonriad longs for the days of Severin's childhood, during which their relationship was not so strained.

"In Which Raia Suggests a Sorry": February 22, 1158. Raia, age two, tries to understand why her father and grandfather are so distant with each other.

"In Which Farilon Is Perfectly Fine": February 23, 1158. Farilon considers how his family is now effectively divided into two.

"In Which Laveria's Worlds Collide": February 23, 1158. Laveria and Willott are interrupted when Lonriad visits Laveria's shop. There is unresolved sexual tension between Laveria and Lonriad, and they end up passionately kissing. Laveria then tells Lonriad to leave, just before she tells Willott that she is pregnant.

"In Which Avine Invokes a Demon's Wrath": May 25, 1158. Avine, a neighbor of Thetis's charged with taking care of Byrn when Thetis is out and about, runs to Thetis's house. She finds that only Norwan is home. She then tells him that Byrn has been killed in a freak accident.

"In Which Florian Makes a Bittersweet Reaquaintance": May 25, 1158. Florian wakes to find a distraught Thetis on the couch in his bedroom. He comforts her, though she does not tell him of her son's death. She kisses him, and they end up having sex.

"In Which Severin Finds an Exception": July 12, 1158. Severin is called upon by Florian, who confides in him about his night with Thetis. He also reveals that Thetis is pregnant, and that while the baby is probably Norwan's, it could possibly be Florian's. Severin muses that if anyone is justified in having an affair, it is Thetis. He then decrees that Thetis should live with Florian until the baby is born.

"In Which Octavius Reads Another Sign": August 11, 1158. Octavius uncovers further evidence that points toward Medea's dwindling sanity.

"In Which Roderick Will Grieve": September 27, 1158. Roderick learns from Tarien, older brother of Lileina, that his brother-in-law Karlspan has passed away.

"In Which Alina Gives the Worst Birthday Present Ever": October 6, 1158. Alina receives an unexpected visit from her insufferable sister Laralita, Countess of Bandera and widow of Karlspan. Laralita reveals that she is carrying Karlspan's posthumous child, whom she plans to raise in Naroni while living with Severin and Alina--much to their chagrin.

"In Which Norwan Sees the Ugliest Color": December 4, 1158. Norwan finds the mysterious naked kid--whose name is revealed to be Tavrin--and his equally mysterious and naked sister, Iata, playing in his field. He threatens them, but is then killed by their father. It is not clear exactly what the father is, but he reveals that his children are half human.

"In Which Florian's Reputation Is Saved": December 17, 1158. Florian offers to allow Thetis to remain with him, a request which Thetis says she will only agree to if he marries her. Though initially reluctant to accept this condition, he decides that what really matters to him is that she stays with him, so he agrees.

"In Which Severin Is Pushed to His Breaking Point": December 31, 1158. Severin returns home to find that Laralita has completely redecorated his and Alina's bedchamber, lacking both their permission and any regards to their tastes. The pair determines that Laralita has to go, but figure that she will only leave if she finds a new husband. Falidor then unintentionally suggests to them that Laralita should marry Roderick.



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From "In Which Medea's Song Is Muted" (November 18, 1159)

"In Which Laralita Experiences the Height of Flattery": January 5, 1159. Laralita is fitted for a new dress for when Roderick comes for supper at Severin and Alina's castle. Alina then suggests to Laralita that the occasion was Roderick's idea.

"In Which Roderick Orchestrates a Potential Scandal": January 5, 1159. Roderick and Laralita talk, realizing that they have quite a lot in common. They flirt and and up kissing passionately. He promises to marry her after her baby is born.

"In Which Halford Brings Good Joy of Great News, or Something to That Effect": January 6, 1159. Halford and Adonis drunkenly announce the king's engagement at a local inn. Unbeknownst to them, Geneva is in the room.

"In Which Thetis Retreats to Their Bedroom": February 16, 1159. Thetis goes into labor following her and Florian's wedding.

"In Which Florian Sees Old Eyes on a New Face": February 16, 1159. Florian, painfully aware of how Electra died, nervously waits as Thetis gives birth. However, Thetis comes out of the labor alive, having given birth to a healthy daughter that turns out to be Florian's instead of Norwan's. Florian names the baby Alyssin, after his mother.

"In Which Medea's Song Is Muted": November 18, 1159. Medea is kept awake by the singing of someone whom she initially believes to be Octavius. She goes to the nursery and confronts him, but he insists that no one is singing. She then concludes that the twins are singing and attempts to smother them, knocking out Octavius when he tries to stop her. Florian, now Octavius's steward, arrives just in time to save Jeda.

"In Which Florian Is Home": November 19, 1159. Florian returns home from Octavius's castle after the ordeal with Medea. He tells Thetis that they were forced to lock the raving Medea in the dungeons, then they proceed to make love.



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From "In Which Athalia Watches a Flower Wither" (April 14, 1160)

"In Which Octavius Keeps Pacing": January 7, 1160. Octavius updates Roderick, Dalston, and Severin in regards to Medea's condition.

"In Which Arydath Needs No Words": January 10, 1160. Arydath receives a letter from home and takes it to Aldhein so he can read it to her. It turns out that her brother, Argon, has died.

"In Which Laralita Is Made Even More Comfortable": March 30, 1160. Laralita, now Queen of Naroni, relaxes in her bedroom after what she deems an exhausting day. She is then joined by her husband, and they presumably have sex.

"In Which Athalia Watches a Flower Wither": April 14, 1160. Athalia, Crown Princess of Dovia, is spending the afternoon with her sister-in-law, Holladrin, who has always been rather sickly. Holladrin soon collapses, causing Athalia to scream for her husband and father-in-law.

"In Which Farilon Chooses the Letter": April 17, 1160. Farilon recalls the now fabled story of Florian's recovery and decides to send Holladrin to Naroni as soon as she is healthy enough to make the journey.

"In Which Falidor Is Every Ounce the Idiot": May 31, 1160. Falidor realizes that his wife is pregnant with another man's child.

"In Which Halford's Wife Is Not Herself": June 11, 1160. Halford comes home late and goes to bed, proceeding to feel up his wife. However, much to his horror, he discovers that it is not Arydath in the bed, but her mother, Hilla, who has come to live with them following the death of her son. It turns out that Arydath set up Halford and Hilla for a practical joke.

"In Which Severin Does the Math": July 3, 1160. Severin figures out some alarming statistics in regards to his and Alina's frequent reproduction. He comes to the conclusion that he is happy with the six children they already have (Raia, Jadin, Searle, Viridis, Lonriad, and Riona) and does not want any more.

"In Which Lonriad Does as He Sees Fit": August 22, 1160. Lonriad delivers his niece Holladrin to her brother. He then informs Roderick that Octavius's brother Primus, Lord Felonis, has died.

"In Which Alina Won't Waste a Moment": August 23, 1160. Alina muses that with the deaths of Primus and Karlspan, two of her sisters have been made widows. She then begins to fear for Severin's life.

"In Which Octavius Learns What Life Is": August 23, 1160. Octavius, grieved by the death of his brother and the deterioration of his wife, receives a visit from Holladrin. She inspires him to put his history with Medea behind him.

"In Which Severin Finds the Damage Done": October 17, 1160. Severin learns that, despite his desire to take a break between babies, Alina is pregnant again.

"In Which Lorn Gets a Lesson in Flirting": December 21, 1160. Lorn is playing with Ietrin, who decides to teach Lorn how to flirt when Raia and Leara arrive. Ietrin unsuccessfully flirts with Raia while Lorn and Leara exchange glances. It is revealed that Lorn has a crush on Leara, to whom he has been promised. His older cousin Searle, Severin's page, then arrives and whisks the girls away.



11 Posts

From "In Which Jeda Is Shown a Ghost" (August 27, 1161)


"In Which Falidor Succumbs to a Smile": February 2, 1161. Falidor's wife's baby, Madelheina ("Maddie") is born, and he finds that he is more than capable of loving her as if she were his own.

"In Which Hilla Feels Redemption in the Air": March 20, 1161. Hilla and Laveria both attempt to see Medea and it is revealed that they both once tended to her similarly unfortunate mother. Florian then tells them that Tavrin beat them both to her, but failed to restore the baroness's sanity.

"In Which Nora's Concerns Are Quelled": April 26, 1161. Nora has a talk with her husband.

"In Which Raia Meets an Idiot": May 19, 1161. Raia has a chance encounter with Tavrin. It is revealed that Tavrin (and possibly his family) believe that Severin, not Roderick, is the actual King of Naroni.

"In Which Florian Finds a New Fragility": June 9, 1161. Florian learns that Medea's condition has not changed.

"In Which Alina Feels Something Different": July 12, 1161. Alina learns--to her great dismay--that Severin does not want any more children.

"In Which Jeda Is Shown a Ghost": August 27, 1161. Jeda and Raia, following a tip from Ietrin, stumble across Medea in the dungeon.

"In Which Roderick Greets the Newlyweds": September 28, 1161. Roderick is told a shocking secret about some younger members of the Dovian nobility by the honeymooning Tarien.

"In Which Celina Gains a Sense of Closure": October 19, 1161. Celina gets an unexpected visit from Geneva. After the initial shock, she finally snaps and proceeds to tell the unwanted guest what she thinks of her.

"In Which Viridis Discovers a Cruel Irony": November 14, 1161. Viridis realizes that she has reached menopause, and will therefore have no more children.

"In Which Holladrin Demands an Explanation": December 29, 1161. Holladrin learns of the conditions in which Medea is being kept and confronts Octavius, who agrees to have her moved to her old bedroom. Her feelings for him remain intact.

Directory continued here.




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