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September 11th, 2010 (01:18 pm)

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Yes, it seems that--YET AGAIN--I need another new post for the Naroni directory. Feel free to ignore this ever-growing list of horror that no LJ cut can cover as it eats away at your page, and then pray that all your friends start posting like crazy, just to make it go away.

Anyway, the main story page can be found here, and the first installment of the directory (1155-1161) is here. The second (1162-1167) is here. The one after this is here. Character profiles can be found here.

And onward...

SPOILER WARNING: If you wish to read from the beginning and do not want to risk encountering any spoilers, this may not be the safest page for you.


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 From "In Which Arydath Speaks Literally" (August 11, 1168)

"In Which Roderick Is Told What Everyone Knows": January 17, 1168. Roderick argues with Raia over Severin's neglect of Veldora's tithes for the past two quarters. Insults are exchanged, including Raia telling Roderick that the others have been picking up his slack since the formation of the kingdom.

"In Which Holladrin Notes the Gravity": February 13, 1168. Holladrin is approached by Florian, who tells her that he's just received some bad news from Dovia. It is vaguely hinted that Vera may have been seeing the color again.

"In Which Lyraina Uses the Obvious Adjective": February 27, 1168. Lyraina and Had banter playfully by Halford's pond, but are interrupted by the sound of something--or someone--falling to the floor inside the house.

"In Which Farilon Teaches the Unlearned Lesson": March 2, 1168. Farilon, on his deathbed, is visited by Roderick and Holladrin. He and Roderick make their amends.

"In Which Geneva Is Given the Saddest of Smiles": March 30, 1168. Geneva runs into Searle at the inn in Lyran Village. They have a quick chat, then end up going upstairs to have sex. It is revealed that Searle is in Naroni to check up on Elarys's daughters; it is unclear why Geneva is there.

"In Which Severin Drowns in Aphrodite's Shadow": April 14, 1168. Severin attempts to return to his bedchamber, where he is visited by Geneva, who expresses her sympathies. He asks her to leave, but finds that he has taken hold of her arm. They end up going to one of the guest chambers to have sex, as he refuses to do so in the bed he shared with Alina.

"In Which Leara Meets Lorn's Competition": May 3, 1168. Leara is introduced to Lorn's baby brother, Searle. Lorn jokes that Searle has a crush on Leara, but will never act on it--to his own great relief.

"In Which Aldhein Takes a Side": June 8, 1168. Aldhein and Alsina receive a visit from Nora. Alsina suggests possible bachelors for Nora to consider, much to her chagrin. After Alsina leaves, Aldhein tells Nora that he understands and that she shouldn't let the pressure to remarry get to her.

"In Which Severin Encounters a Fellow Outsider": July 19, 1168. Severin has a flirtatious encounter with a like-minded chambermaid named Marelle. It is implied that they end up in bed together.

"In Which Arydath Speaks Literally": August 11, 1168. Arydath is confronted by Lyraina about Halford's fainting spells. It is revealed that Halford is suffering from a form of cardiomyopathy.

"In Which Danthia Inspires a Baffling Response": September 16, 1168. Danthia stands at her mother's grave the day after her funeral, grieved by the loss and bitter about the fact that Searle failed to attend. Riona's widower, Nythran, notes that under Dovian law, Searle has now divorced Danthia in absentia. Danthia's reaction is unseen.

"In Which Raia's Knowledge Is Contradicted": October 13, 1168. Raia demands that Falidor come to the castle on his day off in order to keep Severin in line. Falidor eventually relents, claiming that he could never say no to her.

"In Which Deian Doesn't Have a Say": November 5, 1168. Deian reassures his lover, Ylwa, before he sets off in search of an object referred to as the Talisman. It is implied that this object is needed for whatever plan Deian has cooked up in place of the Dovian genocide.

"In Which Halford Prepares for War": November 9, 1168. Halford is having trouble breathing as the result of the slowing of his heart. He asks Arydath to wake the children and bring them to him.

"In Which Had Stands in as the God of Sparks": November 22, 1168. Had comforts Lyraina in the aftermath of her father's death.

"In Which Sparron Needs No Further Convincing": December 14, 1168. Sparron endures a dull conference between Octavius and Severin. He ends up leaving with Severin's middle son, Searle.

"In Which Searle Performs a Proper Diagnosis": December 14, 1168. Searle becomes a confidante when Sparron tells him of his troubles with Camaline and how he fears he might be a bad kisser. To reassure him, Searle decides to prove him wrong by landing a kiss on Sparron himself.


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"In Which Adonis Hosts a Pointless Visit": January 5, 1169. Adonis receives an unexpected call from Severin, accompanied by his stepsister, Avine. Severin seems to have no real reason for dropping by until Raia and Jadin arrive, having seen his horse outside the house. It is revealed that Severin has been trying to lay low after neglecting some administrative duties. The three of them leave. Adonis invites Avine to stay for supper.

"In Which Xeta Is Promised a Poem": February 17, 1169. Xeta's secret fascination with love poetry is discovered by Jadin, who teases her about it. She responds by claiming that he has no depth, which he denies. He promises to prove his depth by writing a poem of his own.

"In Which Severin and Jadin Reach an Agreement": March 8, 1169. Severin is chastised by Jadin after he forgets that to take him and his little brothers, Searle and Lonriad, on an afternoon hunting trip. Jadin's anger escalates, eventually resulting in his claim that he wishes that Severin was dead instead of Alina. After Jadin storms out, Severin states that he also wishes this.

"In Which Abrich Gets an Opportunity": March 24, 1169. Abrich, heir to Lord Beretrin, is asked by Duke Lonriad of Luperia to manage his lands when he heads to Naroni in early June. Lonriad states that he needs to make sure his son is all right, and that Abrich will understand one day. Thinking of his childlike wife, Cladelia of Hoprine, Abrich muses that he might already understand.

"In Which Raia Is Roused to the Immediate Reality": April 2, 1169. Raia is woken by her sister Viridis, who believes herself to be dying. It turns out that Viridis has just received her first period. Raia is unsure how to explain and is unable to offer much immediate help.

"In Which Nora Is and Learns What Is": April 3, 1169. Nora informs Severin of Viridis's transition into womanhood. She muses that Alina should have been the one to talk to Viridis, and wonders who will make sure her son has the facts of life straight. Severin assures her that someone will.

"In Which Camaline Offers a Lesson": May 13, 1169. Camaline is forced to spend some time with Ellona's sister Catherelle, who is besotted with Ietrin. After Catherelle lets her hair down and tries on a revealing costume once worn by Aydelle, Camaline decides that she finds her attractive, yet boring. Catherelle asks Camaline what kissing boys is like; it is implied that Camaline gives a demonstration similar to the one Aydelle gave her.

"In Which Florian Fills the Pretentious Silence": June 7, 1169. Florian is visiting Falidor at Veldora Keep when Lonriad arrives, asking for Severin and the children. Falidor tells him that they are out. Lonriad then leaves to kill time at the local brothel.

"In Which Lonriad's Hopes Are Unfulfilled": June 7, 1169. Lonriad arrives at a local brothel to find a drunk Severin making a nuisance of himself. Severin then passes out on the floor.

"In Which Severin Ponders the Harsh Possibility": June 8, 1169. Severin wakes in his and Alina's bedroom to find that Lonriad has been waiting up for him. They have a brief chat about Severin's behavior since Alina's passing. Severin resolves to make things right with his children.

"In Which Nora Is Brought Down from Her Tower": June 9, 1169. Nora is approached by Severin, who informs her that Roderick is urging him to remarry. He asks what sorts of things she would look for in a second spouse, citing that they have similar emotional needs. He seems unaware that she has feelings for him.

"In Which Roderick Proposes a Renovation": June 10, 1169. Roderick tells Laralita the names of some of the noblewomen he has invited to Naroni as potential brides for Severin. Laralita asks what he plans to do with the women Severin doesn't pick--Roderick hastily changes the subject.

"In Which Riona Tries a New Word": August 16, 1169. Riona is informed by Vera of the arrival of the foreign noblewomen at Roderick's castle.

"In Which Raia Is Exposed to a Different Sort of Taste": August 17, 1169. Raia and her siblings wait as their father prepares to meet with the noblewomen Roderick has summoned.

"In Which Severin Is Reminded": August 18, 1169. Severin and Roderick discuss the potential brides, none of which Severin believes will be good for him and his children. Fed up, Roderick tells Severin that if he hasn't made up his mind by the end of the month, he'll choose one of the women for him.

"In Which Asalaye Hears the Hated Hypocorism": August 22, 1169. Asalaye, daughter of Adonis and Honora, visits with Cordieth ("Cord"), son of Halford and Arydath. It is revealed that Cord is the sweetheart of Asalaye's stepsister Melria, and that Asalaye admires him. When Cord and Melria leave, Severin's son Lonriad, who has been hanging around the house and whom Asalaye despises, expresses disdain for Cord, to which Asalaye protests.

"In Which Nora Finds the Most Beautiful Pain": August 31, 1169. Nora finds Severin in the wine cellar on the last night of the month. He tells her that he can't choose a bride from among the women Roderick provided. He then invites her to sit and drink with him.

"In Which Seoth Hears Some Interesting Tidbits": August 31, 1169. Seoth, the innkeeper in Lyran Village, hosts the obnoxious crowd of local priests (Quartus, Quintus, Sextus, and Septimus). Sextus tells the others of a drunken couple who were married at his chapel hours before, shortly revealed to have been Severin and Nora.

"In Which Severin's Morning Gets Worse": September 1, 1169. Severin wakes to find himself naked in bed with Nora. He fears that he may have taken advantage of her and writes her a note before leaving the room. He then encounters an angry Roderick.

"In Which Roderick States His Position": September 1, 1169. Roderick informs Severin of the events of the previous night and demands that he annul his marriage to Nora. Severin refuses, saying that the marriage suits him and he will only get an annulment if Nora wants one. They are interrupted by the arrival of Nora herself, who also seems to have forgotten about their drunken nuptials.

"In Which Nora Asks to Be Asked": September 1, 1169. Nora is told by Severin that he is willing to stay married if she is. She takes a few minutes to consider, but ultimately agrees.

"In Which Searle Loses the One Person": October 5, 1169. Searle, finally too tired to keep up his routine of aimless wandering, arrives at Nythran's castle, having been told that Danthia and Tivalia have been staying there. To his great alarm, he learns of his own divorce, and that Danthia has married Nythran and is now carrying his child. They argue, but he ultimately apologizes. She then tells him that for Tivalia's sake, she does not want him to be a part of their daughter's life.

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"In Which Adonis Is Shown How He Loves": January 15, 1170. Adonis has a moment alone with his and Avine's newborn daughter, Alina. He muses that he was worried he wouldn't love Avine's children as much as he loved Honora's, but these doubts are quick to fade away.

"In Which Florian Annoys and Is Annoyed": February 11, 1170. Florian arrives at Octavius's castle with the intention of bothering his boss about turning forty. He reveals that he sent his son Setran and his stepdaughter Evera out on an errand; to Florian's chagrin, Holladrin muses that the outing might be an act of courtship.

"In Which Setran Corrects and Is Corrected": February 11, 1170. Setran and Evera, having ventured all the way to Veldora instead of one of the nearer villages in Tetran, stop by Seoth's inn and argue jealously about the attentions of the local youths. Seoth assumes that the pair are sweethearts, which Setran promptly denies.

"In Which Aydelle Is Robbed of a Reply": March 8, 1170. Aydelle, who has not adjusted well to married life, receives a much-welcome visit from Camaline. She tells Camaline that she'll hate marriage and that she should run away before her wedding to Sparron. Camaline then muses that it would be lonely unless Aydelle came with her. Aydelle attempts to respond, but is interrupted by a cry from the nursery.

"In Which Valira Breaks the Silence": April 29, 1170. Valira and Holladrin suspect that Nora is pregnant; their musings are then confirmed by Nora herself. Nora suspects that Severin will be unhappy to hear the news.

"In Which Severin Orders His Concerns": May 4, 1170. Severin is approached by Nora, who tells him that she is pregnant. He can't help but fear for her life.

"In Which Thetis Extends an Invitation": June 12, 1170. Thetis hosts a visit from Setran's potential sweetheart, Falidor's daughter Riala. Evera is uncomfortable with Riala's presence. It is implied that Riala likes Setran more than he likes her.

"In Which Raia Hears the All-Surrounding Sound": July 20, 1170. Raia is enjoying a visit with Falidor when his wife, Ailede, barges in and berates him for sending her sister to live at the abbey (despite the fact that she told him to get her out of the house). Raia stands up for Falidor after Ailede hits him, prompting Ailede to then turn on her; Falidor restrains Ailede, then tells her to leave.

"In Which Celina Sheds Light on the Odds": July 24, 1170. Celina and Ovrean receive a call from Ovrean's brother Tarien, who has received some land in Naroni. Though seemingly still enjoying bachelorhood, Tarien implies that he is thinking about finding a bride.

"In Which Ellona Learns Her Purpose": July 27, 1170. Ellona has a chat with her mother, Elarys, who has come to Naroni to check up on her daughters. Elarys tells Ellona that she should aspire to become Ietrin's mistress. Ellona wonders if this is why she sent her and Catherelle to Naroni in the first place.

"In Which Sparron States What He Doesn't Need": August 19, 1170. Sparron and Searle go up to Searle's bedroom to continue with Sparron's "lessons" (which are implied to have been a regular occurrence for quite some time). Sparron says that he has still not made any progress with Camaline, so Searle suggests that he learn to take the lead. They end up making out on Searle's bed with Sparron as the instigator, but stop when they both realize that they've been aroused. Sparron tells Searle that he doesn't want to see him again for a while.

"In Which Arydath's Scarf Gets Away": August 31, 1170. Arydath, having just delivered Celina's baby, is waiting for Cord to finish sorting out a taxation error when she meets Tarien. He flirts with her shamelessly and fails to pick up on her annoyance. To tease her, he steals the scarf off her head, which sends her into a violent rage. He apologizes and gives back the scarf; she then leaves.

"In Which Severin Crosses the Chasm": September 8, 1170. Severin confronts Searle about his recent moody behavior. Searle tells him that he has feelings for someone he can't have, and that no one would ever want him to be with this person anyway. Severin promises Searle that he wants him to be with whoever makes him happy; Searle doesn't respond.

"In Which Jadin Follows the Job Description": September 15, 1170. Jadin has a chance meeting with Camaline in the castle stables. He attempts to flirt with her, but she rebuffs his advances and leaves. Xeta then arrives, offering Jadin a chance to redeem himself. It is apparently that he prefers Xeta's company to Camaline's.

"In Which Ellona Finds the Use": October 5, 1170. Ellona waits for Ietrin in his bedchambers, intending to seduce him with the idea that she can use her mother's own advice against her. Ietrin arrives and they make out on his bed; to her surprise, Ellona finds herself aroused. It is heavily implied that they have sex.

"In Which Raia Gets an Unwanted Opinion": October 17, 1170. Raia goes for a ride and stops in a clearing to contemplate the situation with Falidor and Ailede. She decides to give Falidor the house that her father was planning to give her as a wedding present whenever she got married. She then encounters Tavrin and his young daughter, Tavatala. Raia asks Tavrin what he thinks of her plan; he immediately assumes that Raia and Falidor are involved. Annoyed, she leaves.

"In Which Leara Is Humbled": November 8, 1170. Leara is waiting for Lorn to arrive for their ride, but is annoyed when he is an hour late. Aldhein arrives with a message for Roderick, but gets into a confrontation with Leara involving his affair with Geneva. Leara tells him that Roderick is at Tetran Keep, but before Aldhein leaves, he tells her that Lorn won't be coming. Furious, Leara screams that it must be because Lorn no longer loves her. Aldhein reveals, however, that Lorn can't make it because his younger brother Farilon has just died.

"In Which Ovrean Does Not Speak": November 10, 1170. Ovrean comforts Celina after Farilon's funeral.

"In Which Tarien Gets a Scarf for His Trouble": November 16, 1170. Tarien pays a visit to Arydath (it is implied that he has done so frequently since their meeting). He continues in his attempts to woo her, though she remains unmoved. Eventually, he lets slip an insecurity and she gives him her scarf, claiming that he "needs it more than she does". She then asks him to leave.

"In Which Falidor Does Something Stupid": December 8, 1170. Falidor is given a tour of Raia's promised house. She then offers it to him as a thirtieth birthday present. He is reluctant at first, but eventually accepts--and kisses her in a moment of thoughtlessness. It is implied that he has had feelings for her for at least a few months.

"In Which Evaleith Copes with the In-Laws": December 8, 1170. Evaleith and the rest of the extended Wythleit family gather at Veldora Keep for Falidor's birthday dinner. The birthday boy, however, seems rather troubled.


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From "In Which Searle Sees the Color" (February 19, 1171)

"In Which Tavrin Takes a Hint": January 1, 1171. Tavrin goes to Falidor's house, intent on giving him a warning to relay to Severin. He overhears Falidor and Ailede fighting; Falidor eventually leaves, saying that he won't be back. Tavrin tries to talk to Falidor, but gives up when it becomes too obvious that Falidor is not in the mood.

"In Which Severin's Peace Is Disturbed": January 2, 1171. Severin and Nora are playing with their newborn son, Roderick ("Roddie"), when Deian arrives. Deian tells Severin that he has found another way to return to his ancestors and says that he will discuss it with the nobles if they meet him in the forest on the evening of the fourteenth.

"In Which Searle Ponders the Benefits of Simplicity": January 14, 1171. Searle stays up in the wine cellar with a drunken Jadin while they wait for Severin to return from the conference with Deian. After Jadin inquires about Searle's mysterious ill-fated love affair, Searle asks Jadin if there is anything in the world he can't have, but would give anything for; after some consideration, Jadin says that he wants to have sex with Xeta.

"In Which Elhina Is Called Upon": February 3, 1171. Elhina, stepdaughter of King Roderick, is informed that she has a guest from Dovia. She goes down to greet the stranger, only to find that he is her older brother, Searle, Earl of Bandera.

"In Which Laralita Receives a Not-Quite Apology": February 3, 1171. Laralita greets Searle in Roderick's study and learns that he has been sent by Oswald to help settle the situation with Deian. Throughout their conversation, Searle shows a marked bitterness towards her; Laralita notes that his behavior is odd, but lays the blame elsewhere.

"In Which Lorn Is Called a Mouse": February 4, 1171. Lorn, Octavius, and Severin meet with Roderick and Searle to discuss the situation with Deian. It is revealed that Deian needs to sacrifice a Dovian woman of noble birth in order to leave Naroni, but the men have been having difficulty choosing a victim. Searle volunteers to randomly pick one for them; all three of the noblemen decide that they would rather not know the victim's identity beforehand.

"In Which Raia Has to Know": February 7, 1171. Raia stops by Falidor's house to talk about the kiss they shared two months prior (it is revealed that he has been avoiding her since). He admits that he wants her, but is worried about what Severin and everyone else might think. Raia tells Falidor that she doesn't care.

"In Which Eilyssa Sees No Harm": February 16, 1171. Eilyssa receives a call from her cousin, Searle. He tells her that he is dying and asks if she'd like to go for a walk with him the day before he leaves Naroni. She agrees; he requests that she doesn't tell anyone about the walk or his illness.

"In Which Octavius Is Caught Without Words": February 18, 1171. Octavius, having accidentally learned that Eilyssa is the intended sacrifice, visits Medea's grave--only to encounter Geneva. She asks about the kingdom's situation and he debates whether or not he should give her the details. He ultimately gives in.

"In Which Geneva Says a Last Goodbye": February 19, 1171. Geneva, knowing that she will never see her daughter again, goes to Eilyssa's bedside to say goodbye.

"In Which Searle Sees the Color": February 19, 1171. Searle takes Eilyssa to the planned location of the sacrifice, only to find that Geneva has taken her daughter's place and Deian is already gone.

"In Which Leara Doesn't Need the Time": February 21, 1171. Leara is whisked away to the stables by Lorn, who asks if she would be willing to marry him in the fall. She seems unsure at first, but accepts.

"In Which Lyraina Is Alerted to Something Special": March 2, 1171. Lyraina and her sister Hilla are preparing to leave for a dance when Tarien calls on their mother. He tells them that they both inherited Arydath's spirit before she tells him to leave; Lyraina suspects that Arydath likes Tarien more than she lets on.

"In Which Raia Knows What She Wants": March 13, 1171. Raia sneaks into Falidor's house at night and crawls into bed with him. She wants sex, but he refuses on the grounds that she might be able to find someone else before his divorce is finalized. Raia dismisses this notion, but agrees to the wait.

"In Which Sparron Is Defeated": March 14, 1171. Sparron, not feeling ready to face Searle again, flees to Eilyssa's old bedroom during Lorn and Leara's betrothal feast. Searle follows him and asks what's wrong, insisting that he can make it better. It is revealed that Sparron has never had sexual feelings for anyone but Searle and he is worrying that there might be something wrong with him. At the end of their conversation, Sparron ends up kissing Searle.

"In Which Nora Sees a Man Head over Heels": March 15, 1171. Nora is approached by Falidor, who tells her that he is in love, though he does not identify the object of his affections. He tells her about her concerns and reservations, then mentions that she makes him feel like an idiot. Nora concludes that Falidor really is in love.

"In Which Camaline Consents to the Worst Idea": April 2, 1171. Camaline, who is fourteen and a half and has yet to have her first period, frets about what her father and stepmother might do to her. Her sister Leara suggests that Camaline marries Sparron on the day she marries Lorn, so that she can live with the more understanding Holladrin as opposed to Laralita; Camaline has a bad feeling about the idea, but agrees anyway.

"In Which Raia Proposes a Test": April 5, 1171. Raia tells Falidor that she thinks it would be in their best interests if they told her father about their relationship. Falidor disagrees.

"In Which Falidor Gets Another Other Hand": April 6, 1171. Falidor is summoned by Severin, who reveals that Raia told him about her relationship with Falidor. Falidor is shocked to see Severin so calm about the whole affair. Severin then details his thought process and concludes that it would be wrong of him to stand in their way and tells Falidor that he can marry Raia in January if she still wants to marry him.

"In Which Octavius Is Left Alone with His Fury": April 14, 1171. Octavius is told by Roderick about the plans for the royal wedding; not only do Roderick and Laralita agree with the idea of Camaline marrying Sparron so soon, but they believe that Ietrin should marry Jeda that same day as well. Octavius insists that his children aren't ready for marriage, causing a heated argument between the two which eventually results in Roderick suggesting that the twins might inherit their mother's illness--earning him a punch in the face from Octavius. Octavius tries to call off both betrothals, but Roderick states that as king, he has the final word by Dovian law, and that the marriages will proceed as planned.

"In Which Riona Gets the Wrong Impression": April 15, 1171. Riona, Roderick's eldest with Laralita, seeks out her half-brother Ietrin so he can be fitted for his wedding tunic. It is revealed that Ietrin is not looking forward to the wedding.

"In Which Raia Is Given Some Not-So-Good News": May 5, 1171. Raia, who has recently taken her relationship with Falidor to the next level, is visited by Tavrin, who implies that she might be pregnant. Tavrin seems to think this is happy news; Raia decides not to tell him otherwise.

"In Which Sparron Is Unscandalized": June 8, 1171. Sparron becomes a confidante for Camaline when she tells him that she has yet to start menstruating. Her guard down, she lets slip that she's not fond of men, which leads him to some interesting--and convenient--conclusions.

"In Which Ietrin States His Demands": July 21, 1171. Ietrin tells Jeda that he will treat her well so long as she treats him with respect and gives him an heir. He specifically states that he wants a son right away, but doesn't want too many children altogether.

"In Which Searle Is Struck with a Familiar Ache": August 30, 1171. Searle and Sparron are nearly caught together by Florian. It is revealed that Searle wants a little more of an emotional aspect to their relationship, but Sparron is too stressed about keeping their physical exploits a secret to satisfy that want. Searle tells Sparron that he loves him; Sparron tells him to go home.

"In Which Camaline Learns Another Lesson": September 1, 1171. Camaline, on the eve of her wedding, receives a late night visit from Aydelle, who tells her that she is leaving her husband and will be accompanying Leara to Lorn's castle. She asks if Camaline will visit, to which Camaline replies that she will. Aydelle then disrobes and says she has another lesson to offer before Camaline's marriage. They presumably have sex.

"In Which Lorn Is Told What Will Be Enough": September 2, 1171. Lorn has a talk with his mother before the wedding. He voices the opinion that Leara might feel as though she has been cheated out of her spotlight by the inflation of the event. Celina assures him that Leara will only be focusing on him, and that as long as he focuses on her, she'll have all the spotlight she needs.

"In Which Jeda Is Told What Wouldn't Be Trouble": September 2, 1171. Jeda is approached by her father before the wedding, who tells her that she is free to come back home if she feels she can't handle Ietrin's family.

"In Which Ietrin Gives His Word": September 2, 1171. Ietrin has a talk with Ellona before the wedding. He tells her that he is giving her one of the nicer empty castles. It is implied that their affair will continue.

"In Which Leara Sees the All and Only": September 2, 1171. Leara, worried about the events of her wedding night, is alerted to the fact that Lorn probably has some sexual experience under his belt. She leaves her bedroom for a moment alone and runs into Lorn, who asks if anything is wrong. Not wanting to lie to him, she expresses her concerns. He then reveals that he is a virgin.

"In Which Sparron Finds the Quiet": September 2, 1171. Sparron has a talk with Searle before the wedding. He tells him that in order to divert suspicion, they should probably avoid each other for a few months. Hurt, Searle storms out.

"In Which Asalaye Employs the Intimidating Feature": October 15, 1171. Asalaye runs into Lonriad in the village. The two of them exchange vulgarities and insults before Cord arrives for his implied date with Asalaye. Not wanting to be a third wheel, Lonriad leaves.

"In Which Raia's Mind Is Read": November 27, 1171. Raia, housebound and restless, visits with Leara, who reveals that she and Lorn will be having a baby around Midsummer.

"In Which Evera Is Tried': December 13, 1171. Evera, having seen Setran's former sweetheart Riala leave Laveria's shop with an abortifacient, confronts him. Setran tells her that he and Riala haven't been seeing each other for quite some time now and that he never slept with her because he was struggling with his feelings for someone else. After she calms down, he kisses her--twice.
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