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More potential f-list slaughter, also known as LAAAAAAAAAME

October 6th, 2009 (11:14 pm)

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So it would seem that there is a length limit on posts here. What does this mean, you might ask? It means that I need a "Naroni Directory: Volume II". FAIL.

So, this installment is going to start with 1162, just to keep the years together. Also, since there's also a limit on LJ cuts and this entry will, like its predecessor, continue to grow until the post length limit is reached, I can't really do an LJ cut here. Sorry about this--hopefully by the time it gets much longer, it will already be off everyone's main f-list pages. (EDIT: This directory is for 1162-1167).

Anyway, the main story page can be found here, and the previous installment of the directory (1155-1161) is here. The next installment (1168-1171) is here. Character profiles can be found here.

And onward...

SPOILER WARNING: If you wish to read from the beginning and do not want to risk encountering any spoilers, this may not be the safest page for you.


14 Posts

From "In Which Severin Greets a Third Searle" (October 25, 1162)


"In Which Florian Loses a Dream": January 17, 1162. Florian escorts Medea to more comfortable quarters as per Holladrin's request, only to watch as the baroness drives herself through a window and plummets to her death.

"In Which Dalston Is Truly Sorry": January 24, 1162. Dalston informs Geneva of Medea's death and prior madness.

"In Which Geneva Traces Engraved Letters": January 24, 1162. Geneva visits Medea's grave.

"In Which Holladrin Debates the Greatest Tragedy of All": February 19, 1162. Holladrin and Octavius briefly discuss their situation. They eventually kiss, and it is vaguely implied that they become betrothed.

"In Which Severin Escapes Twice": March 14, 1162. Severin delivers news of Octavius and Holladrin's upcoming wedding to his brother, Rudolphus. They then proceed to argue. Rudolphus states that Severin is not as unlike their father as he prefers to think he is. It is implied that Severin and Alina's sex life has been non-existent of late.

"In Which Jeda Speaks of Stepmothers": April 26, 1162. Jeda has a chat with her future stepmother shortly before the wedding. It is implied that she barely remembers her mother, if at all.

"In Which Falidor Brings the Usual Announcements": May 27, 1162. Falidor informs Severin and Alina of the birth of Cambrin and Lileina's son, then Lileina's sister Riona's pregnancy and her brother Searle's wedding. Severin muses that he finds the affair with Searle rather suspicious.

"In Which Alina Doesn't Know": August 29, 1162. Alina and Severin have a talk. She finds that she can't tell him about her desire to have an eighth child, but it is implied that they rekindle their sex life.

"In Which Had Tells of Another": September 17, 1162. Had, oldest son of Adonis and Honora, tells Raia that he encountered a blond boy similar to Tavrin in the forest.

"In Which Severin Greets a Third Searle": October 25, 1162. Severin welcomes Alina's troubled nephew Searle to the castle at Veldora. Searle does not say exactly what his problem is, but it is implied that he is, at the very least, unhappy with his marriage and that he is presently not on the best of terms with his parents.

"In Which Raia Overhears the Worst Princess Story Ever": November 2, 1162. Raia hears Searle tell Viridis a story about a prince and princess who fell in love, but ended up marrying other people. He seems rather bitter about the tale.

"In Which Falidor Meets a Lady": December 24, 1162. Falidor offers a young Dovian noblewoman, Danthia, shelter for a night before she heads to the castle at Veldora. Unbeknownst to him, Danthia is Searle's wife.

"In Which Alina's Nephew Gets a Christmas Present": December 25, 1162. Alina worries for Searle when Danthia arrives at the castle.

"In Which Danthia Requests a Favor of Her Friend": December 31, 1162. Danthia and Searle have a talk.

"In Which Severin Tells Danthia Something About Men": January 1, 1163. Severin bids farewell to Searle and Danthia as they leave his castle.

"In Which Falidor Hears Bad News Put to Ill Use": February 22, 1163. Falidor comforts his wife following the death of her brother, only to learn that she is once again carrying another man's child.

"In Which Lyraina Plays a Different Game": March 16, 1163. Lyraina, Halford and Arydath's eldest, spends an afternoon with Had. It is implied that she may have a crush on him.

"In Which Holladrin Ponders the Power of Blood": April 25, 1163. Holladrin worries that her daughter, Pandora, may inherit her illness.

"In Which Leara's Anxiety Proves Unnecessary": May 7, 1163. Leara gets a visit from Lorn, which is supervised by her sister Camaline, whom Leara deems to be prettier than herself. Despite her worries, Lorn seems to pay more attention to her than to her sister.

"In Which Alina Is Given a Comforting Thought": May 14, 1163. Alina and Severin are simultaneously visited by both of their respective fathers. Alina tells Lonriad that Severin doesn't want any more children. Lonriad suggests that Severin might change his mind in a couple of years.

"In Which Ceidrid Offers a Solution": June 29, 1163. Ceidrid, following the death of his grandfather, is party to a discussion amongst Falidor, Nora, and Jothein about where Ceidrid, Alsina, and Rifden should live. Seeing as it is inconvenient for any of them to take them in, Ceidrid decides that they will stay in their grandfather's house.

"In Which Aldhein Scares Himself": August 13, 1163. Aldhein, after a night at the inn, spends the night at Florian's house. Also staying there is Alsina, younger sister of Falidor and Nora. Aldhein is attracted to her, but is uncomfortable with the fact that she is half his age.

"In Which Eilyssa Has a Talk with Her Brother": September 23, 1163. Eilyssa, daughter of Aldhein and Geneva, is told by her half-brother Ietrin that she is the reason their mother disappeared. She is then comforted by Lorn.

"In Which Octavius Finds Nothing Profound": October 16, 1163. Octavius is told by Rudolphus that Athalia, Crown Princess of Dovia, has died.

"In Which Deian Gains a New Insight": November 24, 1163. Deian, grandfather of Tavrin and the patriarch of the surviving Naron, is told of a vision had by his son, Vron. The vision claims that the Ancestors of the Naron will not come for them until the Dovians have left Naroni.

"In Which Searle Is Graced by the Presence of an Angel": December 14, 1163. Searle presents his and Danthia's new baby daughter, Tivalia, to Cambrin and Lileina. His twin sister Riona arrives. It is revealed that Searle and Riona had an incestuous relationship and he is still in love with her.

"In Which Oswald Is Resigned to a Partial Valediction": January 31, 1164. Oswald muses about his late wife, Athalia. He comes to the conclusion that he will always love her, but he will have to move on with his life and will probably have to marry again relatively soon.

"In Which Evaleith Opens an Oft-Trodden Path": February 4, 1164. Evaleith, a mysterious young prostitute, arrives at the inn at Lyran Village in Veldora. In order to pay for her lodgings, she seduces the local baker. It is unclear as to why she has come to Naroni.

"In Which Raia Learns What Cold Is": February 23, 1164. Raia meets Tavrin again in the woods. He warns her of his family's "need" to kill the Dovians.

"In Which Bernver's Spirits Are More than Dampened": March 2, 1164. Bernver, a local farmer, is searching for wildflowers for his wife, Avine, only to be killed by Veor.

"In Which Dalston Follows a Rusty Odor": March 2, 1164. Dalston finds Bernver's body.

"In Which Severin Is the Wicked Stepbrother": March 2, 1164. Severin informs his stepsister, Avine, of her husband's death.

"In Which Ceidrid Is an Upstanding Citizen": April 19, 1164. Ceidrid meets Evaleith, to whom he is very obviously attracted. He tells her that she bears a slight resemblance to Honora. Evaleith then says that if Ceidrid takes her to Honora, she will "make it worth [his] while".

"In Which Adonis Is Pierced by a Familiar Gaze": April 19, 1164. Adonis greets Ceidrid and Evaleith, who have come to the house to see Honora. Evaleith reveals that she thinks Honora might be her long-lost mother.

"In Which Had Discovers the Worst Something Ever": April 19, 1164. Had and his sisters, Nanalie and Asalaye, are stuck upstairs while their parents argue.

"In Which Adonis Has Nothing to Hear": April 19, 1164. Adonis and Honora bicker about Evaleith. Honora tells Adonis that Evaleith is not her daughter.

"In Which Evaleith's Hope Is Shattered": April 19, 1164. Evaleith is comforted by Ceidrid after eavesdropping on Honora's conversation with Adonis. Honora then comes out of the house to talk to Evaleith. It is strongly implied that she lied to Adonis, and she actually is Evaleith's mother.

"In Which Ren Is Pierced by the Obvious Solution": May 16, 1164. Surenica ("Ren"), the eldest child of Oswald and Athalia, overhears her father and Meraleene, Lady Felonis, discussing their betrothal. She does not like the idea of a stepfamily, especially so soon after her mother's death.

"In Which Had Unloads a Heavy Burden": June 11, 1164. Had has a chance encounter with Evaleith. It is revealed that he overheard her conversation with Evaleith months earlier. In order to relieve the guilt of his mother's secret, he tells Evaleith that he knows.

"In Which Evaleith Cannot Tell": June 11, 1164. Evaleith and Ceidrid escort Had back to his house, where Had explains himself and they encounter Adonis. Evaleith cannot bring herself to tell Adonis about the conversation she had with Honora. Had ends up telling him instead.

"In Which Honora Is Invisible and Inaudible": June 11, 1164. Honora is confronted by Adonis in regards to Evaleith. A flashback reveals that Honora had always felt ostracized by the bond between Evaleith and her father, Adwyn.

"In Which Adonis Hears from the Beginning": June 12, 1164. Adonis is approached by Honora. She tells him that her father was murdered when she was eight, and she was forced to work as a prostitute between then and when she met Adwyn. She also tells him her past feelings in regards to Adwyn and Evaleith, and that she didn't tell him before because she didn't want her past to ruin their relationship. Adonis assures her that their relationship will survive.

"In Which Nora Finds Them Waiting": July 12, 1164. Nora comes home at night to find her husband, daughter, and son waiting up for her. They express worry over the Naron, who have been steadily killing lone travelers since March.

"In Which Alsina Stalls the Inevitable Tears": July 29, 1164. Alsina runs into Aldhein while spending the day with Falidor. Aldhein makes a point to establish himself as a cruel person, and tells Alsina that it would be best if they avoided each other.

"In Which Jothein Finds a Thorn Among Roses": August 31, 1164. Jothein is given some roses by a strange girl. He pricks his finger on a thorn, but thinks little of it. Meanwhile, the girl is revealed to be Deian in disguise.

"In Which Severin Is Not the Philosophical Type": September 15, 1164. Severin visits Nora nine days after Jothein succumbs to the thorn's poison. He promises her that he will find the murderer.

"In Which Florian Makes an Offer": October 22, 1164. Florian has a talk with Octavius and Holladrin about the Naron killing spree. The ordeal is taking its toll on Octavius, Dalston, and Severin.

"In Which Ceidrid Does the Easiest Thing": November 3, 1164. Ceidrid asks Evaleith to marry him. She accepts.

"In Which Geneva Says Goodbye": November 25, 1164. Geneva leaves her week-old son, Sieron, in the care of Sister Elwyna.

"In Which Evaleith Dispels a Musing": December 2, 1164. Evaleith speaks with her mother shortly before her and Ceidrid's wedding. It is implied that they are beginning to reconcile.

"In Which Alsina Meets a Dragon": December 31, 1164. Alsina goes to the butcher shop owned by Grayer Maesflein, who takes an interest in her. A compromising situation occurs.


20 Posts

From "In Which Aldhein Wakes a Sleeping Hatred" (February 5, 1165)

"In Which Fenrick Makes the Most of His Childhood": January 27, 1165. Fenrick and his sister, Riala, Falidor's twins, visit Nora with their father. While they are there, Alsina asks Nora if she can speak with her privately.

"In Which Falidor's Hopes Go Up in Smoke": January 28, 1165. Falidor approaches Aldhein and asks if he would be willing to marry Alsina, who has been left pregnant following her encounter with the already-married Grayer. Aldhein initially refuses, then tells Falidor that he'll think about it.

"In Which Aldhein Requests Another Opinion": January 29, 1165. Aldhein has a discussion with his daughter about the possibility of his marrying Alsina.

"In Which Roderick Cannot Understand": February 2, 1165. Roderick receives a visit from his brother, Oswald. Oswald confides in Roderick that he is having difficulties with his remarriage.

"In Which Aldhein Wakes a Sleeping Hatred": February 5, 1165. Aldhein finds Alsina in his bed on their wedding night. Frightened by the prospect of being around her, he leaves to sleep in the guest bedroom.

"In Which Nora Answers with a Question": March 30, 1165. Nora receives a visit from Alsina, who tells her that she has lost the baby. Alsina is reluctant to tell Aldhein, as she believes that her pregnancy is the only reason he tolerates her presence.

"In Which Alina Makes a Mother's Choice": April 18, 1165. Alina and Severin discuss the recent passing of Alina's niece, Holladrin. Alina muses that she would rather die in childbirth than have the baby die shortly after. Severin changes the subject.

"In Which Dalston Loses a Possible Moment": May 3, 1165. Dalston receives an urgent summons from Roderick. Given the king's involvement, he concludes that something terrible has happened. It is revealed in the next post that the Naron have slaughtered an entire village.

"In Which Aldhein Gives Alsina Something to Consider": May 11, 1165. Aldhein returns home to find Alsina awake. She tells him about her miscarriage, which he already knew about. He asks her how she feels about it, to which she replies that she doesn't know.

"In Which Searle Denies a Last Day": July 19, 1165. Searle, now Severin's squire, is reunited with his older brother, Abrich. Abrich tells them of the death of his young cousin. Falidor and Florian then arrive, announcing that another village has been destroyed.

"In Which Dalston Knows What Makes an Heir": October 2, 1165. Dalston meets with Roderick, Octavius, and Severin to discuss what is to be done about the Naron. It is decided that they will arrange to meet with Deian and attempt to handle the situation diplomatically. Meanwhile, Dalston continues to worry about Lorn's ability to take over for him in the event of his death.

"In Which Alsina Asks Bluntly": October 8, 1165. Alsina asks Aldhein why he doesn't like her. He tells her that he actually does, but lied about it. He refuses to say why.

"In Which Severin Meets the Other Side of His Coin": October 14, 1165. Severin, along with Dalston, Octavius, and a small party of men, head into the forest to discuss the recent killings with Deian. Deian asks the three lords to "play a game" with him, stating that he will hold off on the murders for a year for each of them who "wins", but each of them who "loses" dies. Deian also has some uncomfortable insight into Severin's inner layers.

"In Which Octavius Gains an Unlikely Ally": October 14, 1165. Octavius wakes in the company of Medea, who informs him that Deian has sent him to the afterlife. He is still technically alive, and will be returned to Naroni if he manages to meet up with either Dalston or Severin within three hours. Medea, intent on putting as much physical and spiritual distance between herself and Octavius as possible, prods him in the right direction.

"In Which Severin Recalls What He Forgot to Forget": October 14, 1165. Severin wakes in the old house that his mother shared with his deceased stepfather back in Dovia. He initially struggles to figure out where he is. He finds his stepfather's body, but Octavius arrives before things get out of hand.

"In Which Dalston Makes Up for Lost Embraces": October 14, 1165. Dalston meets his long-dead parents, Abrich and Xetrica, in a forest clearing. It is implied that he has lost Deian's game, as he was sent to a different afterlife than Octavius and Severin, therefore rendering him unable to reunite with either of them.

"In Which Lorn Bids Farewell to His Boyhood": October 14, 1165. Lorn, now Duke of Armion, learns that his father is dead.

"In Which Celina Learns to Sleep Alone": October 15, 1165. Celina faces her first night as a widow.

"In Which Aldhein Learns What Better Is": November 18, 1165. Aldhein is confronted by Alsina, who expresses her frustrations with him. He apologizes and resolves to start treating her better.

"In Which Nythran's Nightmares Pale in Comparison": December 31, 1165. Nythran, Lord Felonis, finds his wife, Searle's twin sister Riona, dead. It can be inferred that she committed suicide out of her longing for her brother.


16 Posts

From "In Which Severin Pushes the Line" (October 12, 1166)

"In Which Severin Is Answered": January 18, 1166. Severin receives another unexpected visit from Searle, who confesses his incestuous love for his late sister.

"In Which Jeda Is Done a Disservice": January 29, 1166. Jeda and Raia are invited to the castle for sleepovers with Camaline and Leara, respectively. Jeda witnesses her betrothed, Ietrin, attempt to woo Raia.

"In Which Alina's Story Is Interrupted": February 16, 1166. Alina, at the request of her daughter Viridis, attempts to tell a story, as Viridis doesn't care for Searle's sad stories and can't think of one to tell herself. Falidor then arrives and announces that Searle's parents, Haldred and Cladelia of Hoprine, have arrived unexpectedly.

"In Which Severin Witnesses Jericho Fall": February 16, 1166. Severin argues with Haldred over Searle's needs. Cladelia declares that she and Haldred failed Searle and Riona.

"In Which Haldred Counts His Failures": February 16, 1166. Haldred has an awkward conversation with Searle. It is revealed that he believes he wasn't nurturing enough when Searle was a child.

"In Which Raia Resorts to the Language of Men": April 12, 1166. Raia gets a surprise visit from Ietrin, who lands a kiss on her. She ends up expressing her disinterest.

"In Which Jadin Proposes a Happily Ever After": May 2, 1166. Jadin, along with his parents and his brothers Searle and Lonriad, greet his uncle, Ovrean. Ovrean, a knight, reveals that he plans to establish himself in Naroni as per Lorn's request.

"In Which Lorn's Spirits Lift": May 5, 1166. Lorn greets Ovrean and offers him some land.

"In Which Florian Practices the Art of Truth-Telling": June 9, 1166. Florian is asked about Norwan by his stepdaughter, Evera. Thinking that she is not ready for the truth, he tells her that he is grateful that Norwan gave him her.

"In Which Alina's Years Slip Away": July 15, 1166. Alina muses once again about her desire for another child. She also wonders whether or not she is losing her fertility.

"In Which Falidor Hears Bad News Put to Ill Use... Again": August 8, 1166. Falidor consoles his wife following the death of her father. It is revealed that he died of a heart attack after her younger sister Neleine told him that she had missed a period. Ailede tells Falidor that Neleine is going to be staying with them and that she is also pregnant, so they will pass off the babies as twins. Falidor finds Ailede's pregnancy unsurprising.

"In Which Laralita Takes Her Turn": September 17, 1166. Laralita visits with her brother Ovrean, who seems quite smitten with Celina. She suggests that he court her, but he refuses on account of the recent loss of Dalston, as well as his belief that he is not good enough for her.

"In Which Severin Pushes the Line": October 12, 1166. Severin wakes to find Alina crying. He asks her what the matter is, and she confesses to him that she wants another baby. Against his better judgment, he agrees to try for one.

"In Which Ovrean Is Placed with a Thousand Emperors": November 23, 1166. Ovrean has a chance meeting with Celina, who expresses to him her worries about her son Lorn. He attempts to reassure her. The depths of his feelings for her are revealed.

"In Which Alina Invokes the Obscure Sobriquet": December 24, 1166. Alina tells Severin that she suffered a miscarriage. It is revealed that this is the second one since they started trying for another baby.

"In Which Leara's Moment Is Preemptively Ruined": December 25, 1166. Leara, Raia, and Jeda are forced to endure the squabbles of Jadin, Sparron, Ietrin, and Camaline during the Christmas festivities. Lorn arrives and saves Leara from the tedium with the offer of a dance.

"In Which Holladrin Sees Enough": January 6, 1167. Holladrin, Sparron and Jeda endure a visit from Ietrin and Camaline. Holladrin has a bad feeling about the dynamics of the young betrothed couples.

"In Which Lonriad Is Exposed to the Adult Illness": January 10, 1167. Lonriad, youngest son of Severin and Alina, overhears his uncle, Ovrean, asking Alina when it is too soon to remarry after the death of a spouse. Alina replies that it's never too soon. Ovrean then asks Severin the same question and gets the opposite answer.

"In Which Searle Is Shown the Extent of the Worst": January 17, 1167. Searle, Severin's squire, is told by Octavius that his betrothed, Valira, will be coming to Naroni. He learns that he only has a year or less left of the single life and feels as though he is being cheated.

"In Which Celina Thinks About It": January 29, 1167. Celina gets a visit from Ovrean, who asks if she would consider marrying him. He tells her to take as much time as she needs to make the decision, and that he won't hold it against her if she says no.

"In Which Alina Vows to Rest": February 18, 1167. Alina admits to Honora that she thinks she may be pregnant again. Honora convinces her to relax and try to think positive to prevent another miscarriage.

"In Which Camaline Justifies It as Practice": February 20, 1167. Camaline spends the afternoon with Leara's maid, Aydelle. Upon learning that Aydelle is pregnant, Camaline asks what kissing boys is like. Instead of telling her, Aydelle shows her. It is strongly implied that Camaline has a crush on Aydelle.

"In Which Halford Is Called by Name": February 25, 1167. Halford goes to the castle at Veldora and tells Severin that Honora has died in childbirth. Severin then confides in Halford that his youngest daughter, Laveria ("Vera") has an unusual tendency to see an unnamed color shortly before deaths and that she saw it earlier that day.

"In Which Severin Notes How the Grieving Slumber": February 28, 1167. Severin observes Alina following Honora's funeral. He speculates about death and grief, but realizes that there is little he knows, as all those he loves most are still alive.

"In Which Florian Proves a Slight Intoxication": March 23, 1167. Florian pesters Nora about finding a second husband, much to her annoyance. She lets it slip that she may have--or had at some point--feelings for one man other than Jothein, but she leaves after realizing that she has said too much. Florian wonders who this other man might be.

"In Which Celina Gives a Weak Reassurance": March 26, 1167. Celina, Laralita, Alina, and Holladrin spend the afternoon in Alina's sitting room, planning Celina and Ovrean's wedding. Severin then requests a private audience with Celina and confides in her his fears that Alina may be experiencing a hysterical pregnancy.

"In Which Searle Experiences the Good Sort of Unnerving": April 6, 1167. Searle goes to the pond and meets someone who makes him feel a little different.

"In Which Sparron Is Disappointed and Disappointing": April 6, 1167. Sparron receives a visit from Camaline, who demands a kiss. Neither of them care for it. It is revealed that Sparron is completely indifferent to Camaline.

"In Which Searle Anticipates Yesterdays and Tomorrows": April 7, 1167. Searle meets his betrothed, Valira, who happens to be the girl from the pond. The two of them sneak off alone, but are interrupted by Vera, who insists that "It's everywhere". In the other room, somebody (later revealed to have been Alina) collapses.

"In Which Octavius Watches a Candle's Reflection": April 7, 1167. Octavius waits with Severin as Laveria examines Alina. Laveria then emerges from the bedroom and tells them that Alina is slowly but steadily bleeding from the inside, and only has a few days left to live.

"In Which Severin States What He Doesn't Know": April 10, 1167. Severin holds Alina as she lies dying. She has come to terms with the fact, but he has not. She dies during their last kiss.

"In Which Jadin Sees the Ghost of His Mother": April 12, 1167. Jadin stays by the side of his mother's coffin while the rest of the family is dragged away for the night.

"In Which Raia Sees the Ghost of Her Father": April 12, 1167. Raia checks in on her father following the funeral. It is revealed that Severin has not been sleeping well, as he has been unable to bring himself to lie in the bed where Alina died and, as such, has been spending the past few nights on the couch in his study.

"In Which Celina Learns What She Has Missed": June 14, 1167. Celina and Ovrean begin their first night as a married couple. Celina muses that what she's missed most about being married is the companionship aspect. Ovrean tells Celina that he loves her--while Celina does not feel ready to respond in kind, she muses that it will only be a matter of time before she does love him, and that the process will be sped by his patience.

"In Which Falidor's Question Is Not So Profound": June 20, 1167. Falidor confides in Severin that even though he loves all of his wife's children as his own, he wishes to father more children. This touches a nerve with the recently-widowered Severin, who hastily leaves.

"In Which Raia Is Told Who Knows": July 16, 1167. Raia confronts Tavrin as to why he did nothing to save her mother. He reveals that he was in Catalonia at the time, and that even if he had been around, his command over parasites is limited to non-human tissues.

"In Which Camaline Marvels at the Illogical": August 14, 1167. Camaline receives a midnight visit from Aydelle, who spends the night in her room. Camaline asks if Aydelle ever thinks about the time she taught her how to kiss, but Aydelle gives only a vague answer. They end up making out on Camaline's bed.

"In Which Searle Tangles with Delilah Reincarnate": August 31, 1167. Searle arrives in Catalonia at the home of his conniving mistress, Elarys del Marinos. He requests to see their baby son, Landus; she agrees on the condition that he escorts her daughters, Ellona and Catherelle, to Naroni, where they are to become ladies in waiting to Laralita.

"In Which Rudolphus Sees Whom He Loves More": September 16, 1167. Rudolphus and Lonriad go to Veldora to visit Severin. Rudolphus arrives with the idea that he blames Severin for Alina's death, but changes his mind upon actually seeing his brother.

"In Which Nora Cuts to the Heart of the Matter": September 17, 1167. Nora has an encounter with Lonriad. She nearly sleeps with him, figuring that some meaningless sex would do her good, but eventually bows out, dismissing it on the grounds of being 'too strange". It is revealed that she has feelings for Severin and is feeling guilty over Alina's death.

"In Which Severin Is Robbed of His Sanctuary": September 25, 1167. Severin, out for a ride, is lured into a clearing by the image of Alina, which is revealed to be Deian in disguise. He reminds Severin that he is about to resume his purge, then continues to taunt him before knocking him out.

"In Which Lorn Has No Advice to Offer": September 26, 1167. Lorn meets with Severin, Octavius, and Roderick in Roderick's study. Severin and Octavius are both of the opinion that they have to evacuate the kingdom, but Roderick refuses to give the order. Lorn muses that his father would have known exactly what to do and feels guilty about the fact that he does not.

"In Which Had Understands": September 27, 1167. Had and Raia are summoned to Lorn's study, where he tells them that he plans to confront Deian. They dismiss the plan as stupid and reckless at first, but agree to go along with him when he tells them that he is doing it for his father.

"In Which Raia Is Witness to the Unlikely Outcome": September 28, 1167. Raia and Had stand by as Lorn manages to convince Deian to hold off the slaughter by appealing to his sadistic nature. Their victory is cut short when their worried, angry fathers arrive.

"In Which Ovrean Considers the Grand Scheme of Things": September 28, 1167. Ovrean returns to Celina after bringing Lorn home. He decides that while Lorn's actions were reckless and dangerous, his young stepson has learned his lesson, and, at the end of the day, saved the kingdom.

"In Which Sparron's Worries Prove Needless": December 10, 1167. Sparron is discouraged following a second failed kiss with Camaline. He asks his father for advice, even though he fears his father will be disappointed; however Octavius tells him not to worry about it.

Directory continued here.